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I’m Not all that and a Bag of Marbles…

Because I’ve recently lost my marbles.

I guess I got a touch overwhelmed recently… I have so much going on and I’m finding it hard to dredge up energy to maintain all my commitments.

It was ok in the beginning – volunteering for three places – looking after 4 websites and some blogs.

Then I got a part time job and started studying Autocad.  Add to that a new long distance  relationship.  Add to that an impending court battle.  And another couple of websites – and a promise to get articles in to a news letter monthly.  Making DVDs and CDs for friends – and general life – yes, sometimes I eat, shop or shower!… sigh.

Now – when I sit down to do my course I have to shut off everything around me that beeps, buzzes, pokes or bings.  I get texts, and phone calls, and emails, and FB notifications,  MSN messages and a room mate that keeps popping in to say hello – he’s much chattier when drinking wine. lol

So I shut it all down and feel like I’m ignoring people!!!  lol  I get back online four hours later to find 50 messages and such… and voice mails and – well, you get the idea.

The problem is… that I sit down and shut it all off.  Not ten minutes later I find myself logging in…habit!  I stopped offering to help out a lot about two weeks ago, when I could see this all coming.   So for now I’m not completely involved in the volunteer projects.   That erks me.  I enjoyed those.  And I feel like I’ve let those teams down.

So… my friend just wrote a wee blog on people exploding and I believe I’m going to do just that – or an implosion.  Right after I finish lesson three here, and reply to those five notifications on facebook, Tweet some stuff, oh, and get the towel off my hair, make a tea and then answer that text..listen to some voice mail… burn the discs that were asked of me today… erm.. where was I?  Right…back to work… I can explode later. lol


Tomato Soup – done the right way…ahhhh

Love it!

I got my work done…. typed up four pages for the place I volunteer at so I’m having a wee treat now.

Tomato soup – done with milk… add crackers and mountains of pepper…. gah, drool.  And this time I crumbled some cheese into it…..

It’s like when you do grilled cheese…has to be done with real cheese, in the oven.  Oh yes.

Lovely. 🙂

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