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Mass Demonstration Calling for Public Inquiry into G20 Summit

This post was prompted by @dam, my friend. 🙂

(The following is copied from the facebook site)
08 January · 14:00 – 17:00
Location    Queen’s Park

The police and governments of Toronto, Ontario and Canada, have now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they THINK can literally round up hundreds of citizens, gathered together to exercise their Charter rights to protest, for no real, legal or discernible reason – AND THAT WE THE PEOPLE OF TORONTO, ONTARIANS AND CANADIANS WILL SIMPLY STAND IDLY BY.  Suspension of civil liberties. just snatch and grab them off the streets, and throw them in a cage, in many cases without access to legal counsel and in a few cases after being threatened or physically harmed by the police services. The arrested citizen then has to bear the cost of trying to defend themselves. If the police acted illegally where is the accountability? The citizens of this city again have to bear the cost of trying to prove that, and the public pays the damages – not one single person in government or police agencies has been held accountable.  So in fact, the police are totally and utterly unaccountable.  The bureaucrats who made the decision to round up peaceful protesters, or just people walking down the street, are unaccountable. The politicians are also unaccountable, and apparently they have veto power over investigating themselves and apparently don’t even have the guts to conduct any kind of investigation, instead some semblance of an investigation has to be conducted by the Ombudsman. Who the hell is accountable?  So if the police can illegally detain Canadians without any kind of accountability or oversight, how is this in any functional way for the citizen, any different from a police state? Arbitrary arrests and detentions on the basis of secret laws that nobody knew about, with no accountability. That is the very definition of a POLICE STATE. WE THE PEOPLE are still absolutely appalled by what we saw on that weekend and shaken to the core by the hundreds of examples of police brutality that we witnessed and experienced and utterly disgusted by the silence and sheep like acquiescence from the people who are supposed to be representing all of us in Toronto and Ottawa.

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Volunteer Appreciation Night

I volunteer at South Riverdale Community Health Centre and they had a party for US!  The volunteer’s night off!

We had a game of bingo where we went around the room and had to find out who had done what at the centre… a way of getting us to talk to one another, meet new people, and to find out more about what is offered at the centre.  After we filled in the entire sheet, we put our names on them and put them in a box.  These were later pulled out and the person who filled out that sheet got a prize! 😉


There was some Karaoke!  One of the people I volunteer with can sing!  I never knew. lol  You learn something new everyday!

Jungle… he does the face painting at outside events and also runs the bike clinic. 🙂

Drew…my friend who can really sing!  What a great surprise!

There was a poster designed by someone at the centre – we all wrote on sticky notes a statement about what volunteering meant to us and the community and stuck them on the poster.  Later they are going to redo the poster and incorporate these ideas into it!  The lady in the picture is Maria… she’s lovely!

We had some cake… and a couple that has been volunteering for 20 years got to cut the cake.

There was a wee bit of wiggling about – commonly known as dancing!  We can always count on Harold to do some dancing!  🙂


And when we left?  We all got a South Riverdale mug filled with chocolates… how can you go wrong?

A Different Kind of Colors!

And here’s the other thing I found. lol  Colors, but in a different way!

New Colors!

I was in a different part of Toronto today and I scored some real goodies!  The colors were phenomenal!

November 15th, Rally! Do the Math Challenge

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Take Back the Night

I attended a rally and march.  This isn’t my *usual* kind of march.  This one is about women taking back the night, their streets, their dignity, strength and safety.  It’s against violence, rapes, killing of women – and children.

It started off with many people in attendance at Dundas Square.  There was laughing and dancing and music on stage… speakers, drummers.  All very pleasant.  It was the 30th year for this march.  At eight pm we prepared to march the streets of Toronto.  OUR streets.  The woman on stage announced the beginning of the march by telling the men that we all thanked them…those who had turned out to support the women in their lives.  It was appreciated, but it was time to take to the streets… she said,

“it’s for women and children only… and Men?  WE’VE GOT THIS!”

It was by far the loudest march I’ve been on this year.  It was rather something!!  We had people directing us, but a very small show of police (compared to all year at other marches).  It was a huge crowd and it was loud, angry, strong, confident and did I mention, huge?  The line of people marching, at times, covered three roads.  As we turned a corner to a new street you could look behind and see that the *snake* of people were on the street you were leaving and still turning from the street behind that.

I took a moment and looked at the women around me.  All that strength and love.  I felt the unity, empowering and joining us.  We were as one.  And I felt sad.  I felt sad that these people all felt so safe, but tomorrow when they ventured out of their homes – they would not have 200 or so sisters beside them, protecting them – not even in theory.  I felt sad that women often go against one another.  What would the world be like if we all stood as one, everyday?  Not just on a special occasion?  If we weren’t all suspicious of one another, pitted against one another.  If we realized we are all humans… and as women, loving and strong and very compassionate.  It saddened me because it gave a false sense of security – these women were no safer in their day to day lives… and they won’t be – so long as there isn’t a change that involves everyone.  It took years and years for people to develop these misconceptions and beliefs, it won’t change overnight.

What if one day we all realized that society pits women against one another. … that women are objectified in every magazine, in commercials… pictures of this piece of a woman’s anatomy to sell this product, or that bit of a woman to sell another?   Making women seem to be bits and pieces, rather than a whole… What if we realized that the media tells us to be thin, in words and in pictures… and being as thin as *they* want us, makes us weak.  It makes us physically weak, and unhealthy.  Unable to have children or proper monthly cycles, or confidence or able to fight back against a patriarchal society.  What if we did stop listening to them and fought back?  The backlash would be incredible..they don’t want to give up their perceived power.  What if we realized that a woman is not a sum of their size alone, that we are actually humans.  Does anyone remember that women are meant to have curves as they bring life into the world and their bodies need food as fuel to live and to give life.  Do men have the same opinion of their bodies that women have?  No… men think a beer belly is just wonderful and they parade it around – they are often proud of it, announcing to the world at large that it’s *all bought and paid for*, but as soon as a woman does this… people make comments, they snicker under their breath.  It’s a form of control and it affects us all.  Women aren’t the only ones that lose when they believe they must be thin to be loved.

Do women know that at one time women were considered very attractive when they were curvy?  Rubenesque… like the artist (Peter Paul Rubens) that painted women as they were meant to be, and they were very popular!


Peter Paul Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens

Do people realize or know that at one time women were the head of each household?  That they were revered?  Adored?  That women ran the house while men hunted and gathered? Women were considered goddesses… and loved.  Held high, with love.  Appreciated for their real worth and for being the bringers of life – as gods do.

We touched many lives on that night of the march… but did we touch enough?  Did others look around and see the strength, the courage to tell a story, to fight, to live a life even though you were victimized?  To be survivors?  To invite other women to fight beside them, as friends, as someone worthy of a dignified, healthy life?

Wouldn’t it be incredible if we never needed a 31st year of this march?

Random Pix

Just a couple of pix I collected yesterday – not nearly all of them… but a couple. 🙂

Have a great day!

Chinese Structure

Chinese Structure

Not sure… err.. what this is.  But it’s beautiful.  It’s new and they built it in one of the mainly *Chinese* areas of Toronto – Broadview and Gerrard…

Church On Broadview

Church On Broadview

This is the top of an old church on Broadview Avenue… I was curious about the loudspeaker?  lol  Did they used to announce things?  Did they play music?  Hmmm….

Tunnel On Queen Street

Tunnel On Queen Street

This is a tunnel on Queen Street.  I forget the name of the road it is beside..but they got folks to paint pictures of animals on both sides.  I walk through here all the time, but this time I stopped to look.

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