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Things are getting busy again!

Tomorrow I meet with South Riverdale, the Health and Strength ACTION group…

Then in the afternoon my daughter. 🙂

And Thursday morning I have a job interview and then it’s off to Earth Day…… Thank goodness there’s nothing on my weekend!!

But I’m looking forward to it.  After a couple of days of hanging at home I need the change!  🙂

My S From Kelly Krogman!

My S From Kelly Krogman!


Health And Strength Action Group

Yes, that’s the name of the group I volunteer with…we invented it!  🙂

We spent the morning putting together a bulletin board at the SRCHC – in the lobby because Thursday night we are doing a wee talk on our group at the centre.

Then in the afternoon we revamped the song *If I Had a Million Dollars* to make it say *If I Had a Hundred Dollars*… and changed the lyrics…so Thursday we are singing that, and I might be playing guitar.  lol  It’s rather silly – I like it!

HSAG Group and Bulletin Board

HSAG Group and Bulletin Board

Here are some of the folks involved….and that’s the board we worked on behind them! 🙂

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