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Michael Hartman and the Appendages

This man can sing… his voice will shake you to your soul.  Check out Slender Thread… it’s one gorgeous song… he has many, and they are all types of music.  Surprise yourself, give it a try!

Phenomenal music.


Click HERE!!!

You can also check him on iTunes!

And you can find him here!  On WordPress!

AND….on Last FM!

Michael Jon Hartman has been writing and performing music for over 20 years. His passion for music is evident in the songs that have materialized. He has devoted his time to becoming very apt at many instruments! All of the instrumentation and vocals on his albums are done by him, with an occasional guest appearance of other great musicians in his same league. He has an addictive way of producing the material as well, from the smooth sounds of “Sister Jean”, to the raw and edgy “The Third Disguise”, his approach is unique and in a class of its own. Hartman has gone way over the top with this latest collection of new songs. The diversity of music is staggering! From blues, to rock, to country, to something I can’t really describe. Lyrically, the songs have strong intent as well as humor. “The new release, “A Different Kind Of Normal” is a fabulous collection of songs. The album has beautiful ballads, the quirky “It‘s Cool” is fun, and the “One Sided Love” is an interesting departure! An eclectic compilation of great songs that lead you down a somewhat twisted path. 13 songs that will entertain, and stick in your brain! Over all, a great listen!! You’ll be hooked on Michael and these new songs for a long time!”

The exceptionally talented and experienced veteran vocalist/musician, Michael Jon Hartman, releases a new CD, “A Different Kind Of Normal,” that is bursting with captivating Pop/Rock flavor. Michael, a former Appendage, knows just what it takes to draw out elaborately textured arrangements and his achievement of this is with his proficiency as a vocalist and guitar playing being authentic about its sound while implementing a classy and stylish vivacity. Michael Jon lets the onlookers be enthralled by the lively rhythmic musical beats, tuneful melodies, and remarkable harmonies on this entire Album. The title track, “A Different Kind Of Normal,” is rock filled and striking as the vocal and guitar sounds compellingly blend together. “Experience,” is electrifying as the hard-hitting synthesizer playing by Mark Hoevet intensifies the song to the uncompromising tonality of the lyrics. The smooth vocals on, “Sister Jean,” are inspirational and elevating. Fans of Todd Rundgren, Paul McCartney, or Robert Palmer will truly be grateful for the impressive Rock and Pop qualities that this album has to offer. Mark A. Forrest, Maftrust Inter Vivos

Michael has been writing songs for over 25 years, and has experimented with many genres. As a solo artist, he plays all the instruments and sings all the vocals on his recordings. “The Power of Love” is a song that speaks of the emotional and social damage to the American mind set since the tragedy of 9/11. The groove of the song is designed to make an enjoyable listen for a subject that is not easy to talk about. The lyrics were co-written with Debbie Frederick, and lead to the ultimate conclusion that love is the answer. If we all pull together, we can heal the damage that has been done, and forge a brighter, stronger future for ourselves and future generations. Overly utopian? Maybe…but still the ultimate solution.


Doing the Alphabet!

Went to Kaela’s baseball game last night and they whooooped!  The final score was something like 30 odd to ten.  Whoosh.

But… Saash was hanging out with their friend’s niece.  What a little sweetheart!  They did some singing, and collected sticks (they were really snakes, and a pumpkin and a stone, shhh).

Wonderful weather, good fun, and lots of laughs!

Saash and the Wee One

Saash and the Wee One

Community Action!

Last night there was a gathering at South Riverdale.  A Community Action meeting with board members.  I think the overall reason for the meeting was to recruit new board members from community folks.

There were different groups representing various organizations, causes and interests from within the Centre.  I guess sort of a *this is what we do here* type thing. 🙂

It was terrific!  As an aside…the singing went well.  lol  No one passed out or ran. 😀  And our voices held up.  🙂  Turned out to be a lot of fun and I’m so glad I did it.  Thanks Susy!!!

Ah, Good Morning!

I feel like a whole new person!

Sleep!  Precious sleep!  I got tons!  Best sleep I’ve had in ages!

I feel refreshed and alert and it’s a beautiful day – and I have a coffee.  🙂  Heh

So today I have to practice the new song… guitar and singing… lordy.  😉

Have a great day, please!!!

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