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Doing the Alphabet!

Went to Kaela’s baseball game last night and they whooooped!  The final score was something like 30 odd to ten.  Whoosh.

But… Saash was hanging out with their friend’s niece.  What a little sweetheart!  They did some singing, and collected sticks (they were really snakes, and a pumpkin and a stone, shhh).

Wonderful weather, good fun, and lots of laughs!

Saash and the Wee One

Saash and the Wee One

Community Action!

Last night there was a gathering at South Riverdale.  A Community Action meeting with board members.  I think the overall reason for the meeting was to recruit new board members from community folks.

There were different groups representing various organizations, causes and interests from within the Centre.  I guess sort of a *this is what we do here* type thing. 🙂

It was terrific!  As an aside…the singing went well.  lol  No one passed out or ran. 😀  And our voices held up.  🙂  Turned out to be a lot of fun and I’m so glad I did it.  Thanks Susy!!!

Ah, Good Morning!

I feel like a whole new person!

Sleep!  Precious sleep!  I got tons!  Best sleep I’ve had in ages!

I feel refreshed and alert and it’s a beautiful day – and I have a coffee.  🙂  Heh

So today I have to practice the new song… guitar and singing… lordy.  😉

Have a great day, please!!!

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