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Where I grew up there was this little guy called Nicky.  lol

He was my youngest brother’s friend.  One time my brother took his tv to fix it…he dismantled the entire thing and could never put it together again.  Heh… Nick’s brother Rob used to babysit us, and I used to babysit Nicky – we held fake Kiss concerts.  The girlies had to pay a nickel to get in.  We’d paint their faces up and put on a record…and I’d instruct the girlies to cheer and shout.  🙂  Nicky has always been a rock star!!

Now Nicky is Nick.  No longer little.  He was the singer for Slik Toxik.  Now he is the singer for Revolver!!!  Correction, WAS the singer for Revolver…they changed their name due to a conflict with another group in Europe.  And they have a new facebook site and website!  Come meet Famous Underground!

He is one of the most down to earth humans you will ever meet.  Check him out!!



Nick 2

Nick 2


Tony Harnell

I love this guy.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of him, but he has a phenomenal voice.  He is a singer and producer… and he has worked with four bands (well, has albums with them, he had a group before that)…but now he is working on a solo album!!!  Yay!

Starbreaker, TNT, Morning Wood and Westworld.  He is best known for his work on TNT… but it’s not my fave. lol  I love most of his stuff, but his voice – well, he can do whatever he likes.  🙂

He already has a solo out, Cinematic.  He sings on the Sonic The Hedgehog video game, too. lol Two songs.

His voice is from heaven… if you’ve never tried him,  you should… 🙂

My faves are Limbo, and Tonight I’m Falling / Crazy on You (cover), Song for Diana, and he does other covers… Desperado, and Love Hurts…

Rainbow-Squadron-Serenity-Final by Kelly Krogman!

Rainbow-Squadron-Serenity-Final by Kelly Krogman!

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