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Ont. tax collectors looking at $45,000 severance but won’t lose jobs

By Romina Maurino (CP) – 3 days ago

TORONTO — More than 1,250 Ontario tax collectors will get a severance package worth up to $45,000 each despite the fact they won’t be losing their jobs.

The move, part of the province’s plan to harmonize sales taxes with Ottawa, will see the provincial collectors become federal employees, triggering a payout critics said amounted to tens of thousands of dollars to change business cards.

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Ontario Tax Collectors Will Get A $45K Severance – And Keep Their Jobs

The harmonized sales tax has raised the rancour of many in the province, but there’s at least one group that’s not complaining.

Ontario tax collectors, who will report to the federal government once the HST comes into effect, stand to receive as much as $45,000 in severance when they stop working for Queen’s Park.

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