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Some Goodies from Pride

There were some wonderful products being sold at Pride… I snagged a couple of business cards. 🙂

The first one is a guy we met – his name was Glen… apparently he looks like some Texan guy who is a politician… Kinky something.  lol  So I called him Binky and he called me Janis… (Joplin)…which I get called all the time.  He was calling folks over to his booth and introducing them to the look a like Janis.  LOL   We had a wonderful laugh with him and right now he is enjoying Florida!  Lucky guy!  He sells magnetic jewelry – as a remedy to what ails ya!  🙂

CLICK HERE to go to his site!!

The second lovely find was Miss Colleen’s – Soap of Love.  She was just lovely – even though she didn’t stop me from sniffing the lavender quick enough!!!   lol  They even had a soap called Black Leather!!!  And it really smelled like it… there was tooty fruity (not tooty, like that, but – ah never mind. lol )… and there was coconut and all sorts of yummies!!!

CLICK HERE to go to her site!

Next up was a hat guy. 🙂  Beanskully… he made terrific hats.  One was so soft it was just like those Gund bears where you just want to lay down and schnuggle with it. lol  🙂  Lots of great colors and – well, winter hats.  Little warm for the Pride, but wonderful to keep in mind for winter…if we get one!!!

CLICK HERE to go to his facebook. 🙂

CLICK HERE to go to his site!!!

There you go.  Now you know everything you need to know. lol


PRIDE 2010 – Finally. lol

Ok, I’ve sorted through the pictures and decided which are my faves, so now I can BLOG it. lol

First thing that happened… a security guy with Pride was telling folks to move along.  Something was going on, I think with EMS fellas.. and he was herding people along… he comes up to me and asks if I was taking pictures, I said no, not a one… if you know me… lol  So he tells me to delete them!!!  Ha ha ha… not on your life.  Then I turned back and took a picture of HIM for good measure. lol

Pride Security

Pride Security

After that it was all fun!  Except for… well, no, including nearly getting myself arrested. lol  Some of the police still had on their stern faces, left over from the G20.  It was a different atmosphere altogether from last year.   I don’t think the crowds were as big, or as free spirited.  There was a wariness in the air.  That aside, I still had a blast.  Or perhaps because of that. lol  This one kept telling me to move back… until finally I told him I was 44 and made it this far all by myself – and I was pretty sure I had enough sense to move back when the vehicles passed.   When he got really ratty with me I told him to go get his riot gear on and be a man…when he got on his radio I decided I should stop poking the bear and move along.  Ha…see?  I’m not dumb!  lol



The manager of Java Jive, one of my fave hangouts – coffee shop – he did some singing and I just happened to catch the end of his show. The pix aren’t too great, but here he is anyway, ’cause he’s just lovely!!!  🙂

CLICK HERE to join their facebook!!



And there were the usual wonderful costumes to see… just be thankful I’m not posting the peeny weenies. lol  Men walking about naked… not sure what that has to do with expressing your sexuality except that you are an exhibitionist. lol



On one of them newfangled two wheel things.  Lean forward, it moves.

On one of them newfangled two wheel things. Lean forward, it moves.

No Idea...and no one was in it.

No Idea...and no one was in it.

The washrooms – ack…don’t ask.  This poor fella just came out of one and was washing his hands…you could smell them from quite far off. lol  See?  I’m giving you all the nitty gritty, the entire skinny – good and bad.  lol I can assure you, the shirt did NOT help.  Groan.

Washroom Adventures.

Washroom Adventures.

My most most most favorite part of Pride is the drummers.  Terrato – from Montreal.  And I was lucky to see them again!!!  We had to run down Yonge Street, then Gerrard and back up Church to catch them, but catch them we did. lol  Even spoke to Joe, the main leader guy.  They didn’t play as long this year after the parade, only about a 20 minute thing.  Last year they seemed to go on forever!!  I think it was the heat, they mentioned already losing one band member to the heat and exhaustion. 😦

Joe, jumping!

Joe, jumping!

A Dancer

A Dancer

These two are terrific!

These two are terrific!

Pride Prelude. lol

I have so much to say on pride, and some great pix… so I have to take my time and think about it all.


I’ll be back. 😉


A friend of mine who does wonderful tattoos has offered this up for the Pride weekend!

So if you are in Toronto…she’s mobile but not traveling out of Toronto, lol JUMP IN!!!


RainbowVectorsOnXparant By Kelly Krogman!

RainbowVectorsOnXparant By Kelly Krogman!


Hello Friends and Neighbours:

South Riverdale Community Health Centre’s staff, volunteers, and Queer Action Committee (QUAC), in partnership with WoodGreen Community Services’ staff and volunteers are pleased to invite you to attend the 3rd annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, 2-spirited, Queer, Questioning, and Intersex (LGBTT2QQI) PRIDE BBQ CELEBRATION!


We can promise all who join us a great party mix of MUSIC, ART, GAMES, FOOD and FUN, along with a RAFFLE featuring great prizes from a variety of local (and not so local) sponsors!

When: Thursday June 24th (Rain or Shine)

Time: 12 noon to 3pm

Where: South Riverdale Community Health Centre, West Yard

955 Queen Street East (just East of Carlaw Ave.)

Our celebration marks the 30th year that LGBTT2QQI PRIDE is being celebrated in Toronto. It has been 41 years since the Stonewall rebellion of June 28th – July 2nd, 1969, when a group of butch lesbians, transsexuals, and drag queens who were patrons of the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, fought back in a courageous and defiant show of resistance against New York City cops who had raided the bar.

The Stonewall Riots have come to represent the first real show of resistance against systemic intolerance, persecution, and violence directed at queer and gender variant individuals, as well as the start of what was to become a world wide gay civil rights movement

Spread the word, and come join us in celebration of LGBTT2QQI Pride!

Don’t Sanitize Pride!!

All signs must be vetted with us first: Pride Toronto
TORONTO NEWS / UPDATE, Mar 14: Pride Toronto releases parade terms
Cate Simpson, updated by Xtra staff / National / Thursday, March 11, 2010
Get involved…. send an email – join facebook!

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