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Take Back the Night

I attended a rally and march.  This isn’t my *usual* kind of march.  This one is about women taking back the night, their streets, their dignity, strength and safety.  It’s against violence, rapes, killing of women – and children.

It started off with many people in attendance at Dundas Square.  There was laughing and dancing and music on stage… speakers, drummers.  All very pleasant.  It was the 30th year for this march.  At eight pm we prepared to march the streets of Toronto.  OUR streets.  The woman on stage announced the beginning of the march by telling the men that we all thanked them…those who had turned out to support the women in their lives.  It was appreciated, but it was time to take to the streets… she said,

“it’s for women and children only… and Men?  WE’VE GOT THIS!”

It was by far the loudest march I’ve been on this year.  It was rather something!!  We had people directing us, but a very small show of police (compared to all year at other marches).  It was a huge crowd and it was loud, angry, strong, confident and did I mention, huge?  The line of people marching, at times, covered three roads.  As we turned a corner to a new street you could look behind and see that the *snake* of people were on the street you were leaving and still turning from the street behind that.

I took a moment and looked at the women around me.  All that strength and love.  I felt the unity, empowering and joining us.  We were as one.  And I felt sad.  I felt sad that these people all felt so safe, but tomorrow when they ventured out of their homes – they would not have 200 or so sisters beside them, protecting them – not even in theory.  I felt sad that women often go against one another.  What would the world be like if we all stood as one, everyday?  Not just on a special occasion?  If we weren’t all suspicious of one another, pitted against one another.  If we realized we are all humans… and as women, loving and strong and very compassionate.  It saddened me because it gave a false sense of security – these women were no safer in their day to day lives… and they won’t be – so long as there isn’t a change that involves everyone.  It took years and years for people to develop these misconceptions and beliefs, it won’t change overnight.

What if one day we all realized that society pits women against one another. … that women are objectified in every magazine, in commercials… pictures of this piece of a woman’s anatomy to sell this product, or that bit of a woman to sell another?   Making women seem to be bits and pieces, rather than a whole… What if we realized that the media tells us to be thin, in words and in pictures… and being as thin as *they* want us, makes us weak.  It makes us physically weak, and unhealthy.  Unable to have children or proper monthly cycles, or confidence or able to fight back against a patriarchal society.  What if we did stop listening to them and fought back?  The backlash would be incredible..they don’t want to give up their perceived power.  What if we realized that a woman is not a sum of their size alone, that we are actually humans.  Does anyone remember that women are meant to have curves as they bring life into the world and their bodies need food as fuel to live and to give life.  Do men have the same opinion of their bodies that women have?  No… men think a beer belly is just wonderful and they parade it around – they are often proud of it, announcing to the world at large that it’s *all bought and paid for*, but as soon as a woman does this… people make comments, they snicker under their breath.  It’s a form of control and it affects us all.  Women aren’t the only ones that lose when they believe they must be thin to be loved.

Do women know that at one time women were considered very attractive when they were curvy?  Rubenesque… like the artist (Peter Paul Rubens) that painted women as they were meant to be, and they were very popular!


Peter Paul Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens

Do people realize or know that at one time women were the head of each household?  That they were revered?  Adored?  That women ran the house while men hunted and gathered? Women were considered goddesses… and loved.  Held high, with love.  Appreciated for their real worth and for being the bringers of life – as gods do.

We touched many lives on that night of the march… but did we touch enough?  Did others look around and see the strength, the courage to tell a story, to fight, to live a life even though you were victimized?  To be survivors?  To invite other women to fight beside them, as friends, as someone worthy of a dignified, healthy life?

Wouldn’t it be incredible if we never needed a 31st year of this march?


I watched the movie.

I strongly recommend it.  I got goosebumps.  Wow… and I’m going to watch it again.

Here’s an overall summary I wrote up as I watched it.   lol  Don’t read if you are going to watch the movie..

American movie, topics, themes, events.

All dramatic music at the beginning.

Starts off with blasts, explosions.
Goes to the skies, and such… earth, planets..
then cells replicating (evolution)… and the big bang theory.

Then Hitler, and wars…. Destruction.
Then faces of people hurt / crying… jumping off buildings, body dumps…. basically the horror that humanity has become.

Then the title *zeitgeist*

The more you begin to investigate, what we think we understand, where we came from, what we think we are doing, the more you begin to see we’ve been lied to.  We’ve been lied to by every institution – what makes you think for one minute that the religious institution is the only one that’s never been touched.  The religious institutions of this world are at the bottom of this world.  The religious institutions in this world are put there by the same people who gave you your government your corrupt education, who set up your international banking cartels, because our masters don’t give a damn about you or your family.  All they care about is what they have always cared about and that’s controlling the whole damn world.  We have been misled away from the true and divine presence of the universe that men have called god.  I don’t know what god is, but I know what he isn’t.  And unless and until you are prepared to look at the whole truth and wherever it may go, whoever it may lead to, if you want to look the other way or if you want to play favourites, then somewhere along the line you are going to find out you are messing with divine justice.  The more you educate yourself, the more you understand where things come from, the more obvious things become and you begin to see lies everywhere.  You have to know the truth and seek the truth and the truth will set you free.

You can see I wasn’t too impressed as of yet… but it got better!

Part I
More lovely pictures and then a speaker….
Talking about religion being total b*s*.
Makes jokes about an invisible man in the sky watching you, and makes an invisible list of ten things you aren’t allowed to do.
And if you do them, there is a special invisible place you go to suffer for all time.
But he loves you!
He loves you! He loves you! He loves you!  But he needs money!

Goes into mythology and zodiac….pretty interesting actually.
Egyptians, earth wobble, 12 zodiac signs…. create ages…
precession of thee equinoxes.
26000 year cycle is an age.  Each age is a zodiac sign.
2150 is the next new age, age of Aquarius.
Compares all mythical figures that are similar and earlier than Jesus.

Political establishment, needing control…Roman creation of christian doctrines.
Vatican – maintained stranglehold over Europe.

Religion used to control, manipulate.  Let you get away with crimes…

This section I really loved.  I’ve taken courses on Mythology – heavily taught by Joseph Campbell, so my thinking was already along these lines… very impressed!

Part II
Starts with 9/11 pictures.
All the incompatible theories on the buildings collapsing – from many sources.
This gave me goosebumps…I think my jaw was even hanging open. lol  Good thing I was here alone watching it.


Don’t mind the men behind the curtain.
Starts with King George III of England who outlawed the interest free independent currency that the colonies were producing and using for themselves, in turn forcing them to borrow money from the central bank of England, at interest, immediately putting the colonies into dept.
All about *central bank*… regulation of currency, loans, interest.  Only produce debt in the long run.

Money making schemes.

Taxes, are not a law.
Control of education, topics, material.
Mass media – Television – manipulation – keep people entertained so they don’t think.  They believe what they see is the truth, all they know is the box and what they see… they don’t read, They dress, eat and think like the tube!  People are the real thing, the people on the tube are the illusion.

North American Union – why haven’t we heard of this?  Open borders between Canada, States and Mexico.
Complete removal of soveriegnity… new currency.  Amero.
Already signed and no one has heard of it..but higher ups.
American constitution will be obsolete.
People behind main stream media know of it.
Plan since 60 years.  Four communities…North American, Asian, African and Europian..soon to be one full community…one rule.
One bank, one army, one centre of power… “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Fighting Terror…. which doesn’t exist…use the media to convince people.. to control them.

RFID (radio frequency ID) chips for all people – if they voilate, we turn off their chip.  These chips are already in passports.  In Florida, people are already volunteering to have the chip installed in them.

People will demand this, not be forced because of all the fear, etc, that has been pushed on them…controlling the population, making them feel powerless, maleable.

The men behind the curtain also know that if people finally realize they are beautiful and powerful, they are in trouble.

We’ve been taught to see differences in other people.. to put them in categories.  Shorter, taller, smarter, etc… so we see each person as separate from ourselves…instead of seeing that we are all the same, we are all one.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace, Jimi Hendrix.

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