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Photo Fun

My brother (Kelly) took a picture of me that my friend (Soda) took…and he *fixed* it. lol

Fixed me but good. lol  Smeared me with rainbows…which is just what I like!

Here is the original!

And here is the rainbow….

Photo creds to Soda, Rainbows to Kelly K!  🙂  Love to both.  ❤  Very artistic.  Both pix. 🙂

This one below is a pic Kelly did for me when I was younger.  lol

This was – in the background my age of majority card. You young’ens wouldn’t know what that is. lol But you used to have to apply for an age of majority card to get into liquor stores and bars. It was real ID…. they don’t do that now. In the foreground was me coming down some stairs at my old place… I thought I was going to a movie – but it was a surprise wedding shower. 🙂

Froggles – The Story of How They Came to Be. lol

So my roomy is about to cut up onions.   I see him with some bright green lab goggles…and I says…* just put the onions in water*.  I’ve done it, they don’t burn your eyes that way.  So he trusts me and does this.

Now he is sobbing and wearing green goggles to cut the rest of the onions.

I got pix to prove it.  Now since they are green, I called them frog goggles.  Now they are froggles..and my friend suggested I paint a frog on them.  So I did.  lol  No end of hilarity over here…..

I need to go out more.  lol

Froggles in the making

Froggles in the making



The Original I tried to copy!  green-cartoon-frog-waving-thumb3131641

The Original I tried to copy! green-cartoon-frog-waving-thumb3131641

Final Coat of Paint!

Final Coat of Paint!

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