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An Ostara Tale II – by Kelly Krogman

An Ostara Tale II

The Forest wept with salty rain, heat drenched and thick. He stepped into the clearing, shaking moisture from his cloak. Hearing his footfall, she allowed herself to be seen. As if a mirage, she shimmered into. His breath caught, almost frozen in his chest, but not quite. Laughing softly, the Goddess smiled from within a moon waxing stronger with every heartbeat. His eyes were like windows into infinity and relentlessly, they sought truth.

She met his gaze with equal clarity. “I am,” she said, the slightest anticipation betraying her calm demeanor.

A single tear drifted down his cheek. His eyes remained fixed upon her, as if not blinking would fix this moment forever. His armor glowed softly in the eldritch light, each battle etched in fire. Eyes sealed upon eyes, he dropped slowly to one knee.

“M’Lady,” he murmured, almost as if to an unseen audience. “I know thee not. I know only thy ways.”

“Our ways are one,” came the reply, dancing upon countless wings. “What do you seek?”

“I seek a heart as mine,” said the Wanderer, remembering days of thunder when it seemed only sleep would release him from the prison that was. “May my Quest end here,” he rasped, thick with the exhaustion of a thousand pointless melees. Dropping his gaze, he focused on the sweet earth beneath him. Life flowed across the forest floor in rainbow waves and silent streaks.

Brightest laughter greeted his words and, struck mortally, the battered Knight raised his eyes to hers again. Her smile met him with the timeless innocence of the maiden, the loving strength of the mother, and the sage confidence of the crone.

“I am yours,” she whispered, faerie-fire flickering softly across her silken countenance. “Your Quest ends here, tonight.”

A gasp escaped him as his eyes grew wide. Doubt battled hope again as his shattered heart begged release from the anticipated sacrifice. Knowing this, the Goddess reached forth and laid her hand on his pain.

Touching a finger to his lips, the Goddess said, “Fear not, for I protect all who walk my path.” Faith, strength and courage flooded his being in wave after brilliant wave. He knew, deep within that this moment had never been in question. Only fear and self-doubt had blinded him from the maiden’s presence all along. He cast towards her again, filled anew with grace. She rested before him, confident and serene. Rising up, he crossed the remainder of the clearing with a stride born of clarity. He offered her his hand, open and warm. There was no longer any doubt. Only purpose remained.

“Here,” he said with a voice that bespoke an inner play of joy and love. “Our Quest begins.”

Her eyes shone with diamonds as she too found a single tear winding down her silken cheek. Meeting his hand with her own, she rose as his equal. Touching his lips to her solitary pain, he murmured, “I have always loved you…” and together they shimmered into, united again.


An Ostara Tale I – by Kelly Krogman

An Ostara Tale I

The wanderers came across a clearing, infinite with mirrors. Casting about, they struck a faerie fire, dark and wonderful with potential. There they cleansed a new pentacle and blessed it – a molten slab of dwarven steel cast into oak, shimmer-silver pentagram twinkling from an eternity grounded into meadow rich with possibility. Then suddenly, the mirrors vanished and became a garden and at once, a Phœnix erupted from the fire and was reborn! The wanderers rejoiced, for was this not Ostara? Much laughter and merriment followed as twinkling eye and cheerful song rang bright into the forest. They supped on cakes made by the hand of the Goddess and the Lord himself blessed their ale! What a joyful time of year, to discover wings, a stout pair of boots and the light of Athena all at once!


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