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Welcome Home AlphaBetta!

I got a new fish!  He’s just beautiful!  I’ve had a lot of Betta’s in my life.. and they’ve all been purple and blue.  I just love them… so today, passing the pet store, I popped in, on a whim.  So here he is!!!  TADA!  Announcing, AlphaBetta!  He’s going to be called Alpha for short!

Betta fish are fighting fish.  If you put two males together they will fight… their faces get all puffed up as do their fins.  This can also be achieved using a mirror…they’re easy to trick. lol  But I won’t, seems mean to me.

They’re quite phenomenal looking.  I’ve always been taken with them, the vivid colors.

Yes, he is being moved into a larger area.  lol

They sell them in cups!  I asked the woman if they had any Bettas and she says yes, they’re over there in the cups…. I said – in cups?  IN CUPS?  lol

As we were looking at them I glanced down just in time to noticed tons of bugs running across the floor away from the saleswoman’s feet!

I, of course, freaked out… and backed up… lol  She had been holding a bag of crickets and absent-mindedly had it upside down…they all escaped!  RUN little crickets RUN!!!


His new home…just set it up today… I can’t wait to put him in there.  He is going to love it.  It’s too cold now, though..have to wait. lol

Update:  Well, he’s home now..and he thinks he is some flashy!  He’s flitting all around, swimming through the railings on the bridge, swimming under it… zigzagging!  lol  I think he’s happy, and not bored anymore. 😀



Mike's Snails. lol

Mike's Snails. lol

Mike's Snails. lol 2

Mike's Snails. lol 2

Mike's Snails. lol 3

Mike's Snails. lol 3

Mike and his pet snails. lol  They were hanging off each other and not crawling around…first day they got to hang out together.  Mike kept them apart in case the new snails had any health issues.

He had one to start off, but gained another two.  😉  Friends for the first one.  He named them Boo, Dot and Smear.  🙂

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