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Dreams – Nightmares.

Today I had a nap – only one hour… my dream was horrendous.  I always have nightmares, but this was bad…worth comment.

On a beach – and there are these huge, and I mean huge apes.  I’m talking King Kong sized, which should be funny….I can see one in the hills coming forward, and then I see another down further… they are heading towards one another.  I’m kind of in the middle.

Everyone is running because there is suddenly another coming – and it’s twice the size of both of the others.  And you know how hard it is to run on sand… and in that dreamy slow, molasis  quality of nightmares…. we’re all running and some folks decided to run down this huge hill toward the water.  It’s full of twigs and branches from small brambly type bushes… I was going to hide behind a tree but decided they like trees and that’s probably not great.   So I’m running down the hill – but I figure so long as I’m getting help in my downward momentum – I might as well go sideways as well…. get further faster.  I know that going in the water is a no go.  I don’t know how long I’ll have to be in there… and it’s cold, and it’s night.  So along the beach it is.  Then three semi’s… (I know… but it’s my dream. lol ) come screaming in toward the beach area from the water…. all together – in an arc – side by side… they nearly hit me…  They were driving on longs on the water?  Pfft.  The back doors of the trucks drop open and there are children inside with toys and what looks like little playgrounds.  And for a minute I’m thinking, what is going on?  And it’s a happy thing – kids!!! (No accounting for the changes in dreams!)  Wow… where did they come from?

I look over to one that’s jumped off a truck, he’s a little older than the others, and he’s carrying nunchucks.  Then it hits me… it’s a weapon, why does he have a weapon?  I ask him where they came from.  I get no answer.  Then I realize..and ask – are you here to fight this thing?  And as he is practicing, he nods yes absentmindedly… I completely collapsed.  Realizing all at once that they were sent as prey… to feed these monsters, to keep them busy… expendable.  (I don’t know how I know this…. it was a dream.  Gah)  My entire body burst out in tears.  I woke up bawling and in pain… my throat and neck area… and crying like someone had died.

Now how bad does that dream suck? lol  Pfft.  Maybe it’s how I feel about some of the issues I fight about… helpless?

Or maybe I shouldn’t eat before a nap. lol


Just woke up, tears streaming…sobbing, can’t breath.  Woke me up I was crying so loud, and hick-up-ing.

Pillows are soaked..not just one.  Water in my ears.  lol  God, that just made me cry again.

A bad dream again…. why.  I think I’m ok.   I feel ok, why nightmares now?

I feel heart broken.  I’m awake and still can’t stop crying.  I’m bawling like someone died.

I’ve always had this…nightmares every night…. Why won’t it stop.

This last year………I’ve woken up laughing, or giggling….. I would rather that.

When you wake up from giggling your eyes aren’t swollen.

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