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New Keyboard!

I’m having so much fun with this!

I played as a child, on my Uncle’s keyboard… I learned by ear.  I always got so lost in it, for long periods of time.

So I mentioned this to my friend and he had a keyboard he wasn’t using!  I love it!  I’ve been plonking on it since it landed here..and in fact, it sits on my desk between my computer keyboard and I.  lol  It’s funny that I keep trying to type on the music keyboard!!  lol  It’s an older keyboard, but has lots of fancy buttons and gadgets..and it works.  🙂  I can make 100 different sounds…so let’s hope I learn to play it well!  Ha ha!

Anyway!  I discovered a wonderful site to learn some basics from and I’m totally amazed that it’s just like guitar. lol  I mean, it’s music theory and that’s the same..but I’m seeing the correlation between the keyboard music and that guitar.. I think this is going to really strengthen my guitar knowledge.  For the record, I’m still NOT learning House of the Rising Sun!  lol  I refuse!

So… here’s the link for the wonderful site that’s helping me! Play Piano By Chords

And here’s the picture of my new baby!


My New Baby!

My New Baby!

Wonderful Conversations

It’s so funny – the world is huge, but the net makes it so small.

I’ve met some of the best people I’ve ever known on the net.

I mean, there was the original S and S, and so forth… and some of the closest people to my heart I know are from there.  Then there is blogging.  I’m getting very attached to some folks off that…. and now facebook.

I’ve had the best chat tonight with a new friend.  It’s so wonderful to meet folks that you feel comfortable with. 🙂  Life is great. 🙂

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