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Sensual? Oh Yessssssss!

Kudos go out to Tamara, over at Port of Embarkation for this wonderful find!  Isn’t it glorious?

It’s pure love…passion.  The vivid colors.  Noone else exists, there is hope and vibrancy and passion.. the hand at the curve of the back, the shared touch, and head thrown back…. ah.  Such a wonderful picture!!  Well done Leonid Afremov!  I’m more and more impressed by each find we make of your art!  The world aught to be this way…as it was when we were young and we still believed!

A moment in time when nothing else mattered.

I’m Sorry Leonid Afremov!

I’m sorry, I love this picture except for her left eye!  It’s rather creepy!  My roommate fixed it for me.  It was like a person who sleeps with one eye open.  Meh.

The funny thing is that if you have them both open, one on top of the other, and quickly flick back and forth – it appears she is winking!  Heh.

Leonid Afremov ORIGINAL

Leonid Afremov ORIGINAL

Leonid Afremov Tweaked

Leonid Afremov Tweaked

Leonid Afremov

This is so vivid – Over at Port of Embarkation you will find more of this artist – and a write up about him!

I loved it so much that I had to spread it around!  lol

You can also click HERE to see even more!!

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