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New Keyboard!

I’m having so much fun with this!

I played as a child, on my Uncle’s keyboard… I learned by ear.  I always got so lost in it, for long periods of time.

So I mentioned this to my friend and he had a keyboard he wasn’t using!  I love it!  I’ve been plonking on it since it landed here..and in fact, it sits on my desk between my computer keyboard and I.  lol  It’s funny that I keep trying to type on the music keyboard!!  lol  It’s an older keyboard, but has lots of fancy buttons and gadgets..and it works.  🙂  I can make 100 different sounds…so let’s hope I learn to play it well!  Ha ha!

Anyway!  I discovered a wonderful site to learn some basics from and I’m totally amazed that it’s just like guitar. lol  I mean, it’s music theory and that’s the same..but I’m seeing the correlation between the keyboard music and that guitar.. I think this is going to really strengthen my guitar knowledge.  For the record, I’m still NOT learning House of the Rising Sun!  lol  I refuse!

So… here’s the link for the wonderful site that’s helping me! Play Piano By Chords

And here’s the picture of my new baby!


My New Baby!

My New Baby!


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