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Gooood Morning! I learned something(s) new!

Today!  And I’m not even done my first java… I learned what jaggery is!  Mwa ha ha!  Thanks Kelly for having me look up different ways to cook paneer!

Jaggery is basically a sugar made from sugar cane… where gur is a sugar that comes from palm trees.  Both are used a lot in Indian cooking.  And I didn’t know that ghee is used because of it’s ability to be heated to a more extreme temperature than regular butter – because all the milk products and remaining liquids are boiled off beforehand… !!!  I’ve used it in curry – but I’ll bet it’s a great way to fry that paneer!  You can also add flavours to it… cumin, etc.

In searching for ways to deal with paneer – I found these great sites …  🙂

So… java number two, coming up!  Let’s see what else I can learn before I’ve been up one hour.  lol  🙂

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