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Free BBQ!

Today is the annual free BBQ put on by Jack Layton.

It’s at Withrow Park, on the north side, by Logan Avenue…. from noon until four.  If you are in the area, please drop by!

Withrow Park is just a little south of Danforth, at Logan!

I’ll be there handing out fliers and trying to raise awareness for poverty – and maybe eating a dog!  lol

Jack met Sarah and I on Aug 7 and invited us to come and spread our information today.   Drew and I are going and hopefully we can get more folks interested!!!  I’ll post pix later!

UPDATE:  It was a huge success!  I handed out almost every piece of literature I brought with me – we are advertising that we’re doing a viewing of Poor No More..and so many folks were super excited about it.  And there were even people who know the producer of the movie and / or worked on it with him!  I think I hit the jackpot today as far as putting the word out for a movie!  🙂  It was terrific – a lot of great conversation was generated and tons of interest.   And all that in two hours!  I even gave Jack Layton one of our buttons.  Heh. 🙂

Farmer’s Market

Today a couple of us from the Health and Strength Action group attended the farmer’s market.  They gave us a table AND a tent!  Our very own to use!  🙂  It was really great.  We were handing out our fliers and trying to raise awareness.

Jack Layton stopped by… he says he was involved with the South Riverdale Community Health Centre when it first opened and he helped start a food program there… I’ll have to research this further. lol  (INSERTED LATER:  And I did!  Click Here! )  He was the only person to sign our sheet (well, his *aide* did), requesting more information AND invited us to his free annual free BBQ in the same park (Withrow Park) for Sunday, August 29th!  Noon until four.  He said we could do the same thing there, handing out fliers and telling people about our cause.  I’m actually quite impressed.  I was all feisty, thinking he was not going to be *with us*.  lol I advanced on him with a hands on hips attitude.  LOL

Jack Layton

Jack Layton

It was rather funny.  On my left was a table brought by Ralph Thornton centre – the Riverdale Food Working Group, and they are partnered with us at South Riverdale.  They were trying to raise money by selling products that volunteers had made.  Jams and salsa and such!  Yummy!  And on my right was a table by St. John’s – the Compassionate Mission, where I volunteered for a year, feeding folks!  So I was surrounded by groups that I work with. 🙂

Riverdale Food Group - with Ralph Thornton

Riverdale Food Group - with Ralph Thornton

We did notice that we weren’t getting as much attention as the other tables, even though they placed us right in the middle and we’re thinking that it’s because we didn’t have any goodies to offer… something to keep in mind for next time!  It IS, afterall, a farmer’s market and people come for food. 🙂

All in all, a great day!

My new bag, I tested it, it worked. lol

My new bag, I tested it, it worked. lol

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