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Hello…am I still Vanished?

I feel like I’ve vanished.  I feel quiet and I don’t want to talk.  I don’t want to do anything at all.  I can’t seem to speak up loud enough for folks to hear me on the phone.  I don’t want to write.  I don’t care to read.  I most definitely don’t want to speak.  Have I vanished?  I feel vanished… I feel like I’m hiding.  Ha ha…and if I can’t see you, then you can’t see me!

People talk, talk, talk..what are they saying?  How important is it, what they say?  Do they say anything?  Or is it a comfort to themselves to hear themselves… to let them know they have not vanished.  Talking in circles – same topic as last week.  Same dilemma same decisions same same same same.  I know it’s important to them.  I don’t mean to be rude.  While they discuss the price of gas I’m thinking people are starving.  They talk about a spouse not helping out and somewhere, someone is being beaten to death.  A child misbehaving as another child takes up arms.   Their child won’t eat their vegetables, but they have the choice to buy vegetables.  Silly, I know… people aren’t happy.  They drag themselves along, day after day, moving from the box they call home, to the box that takes them to their work box.  Don’t they / we know that life is short?  Life is what you make it, the chances and changes you take and make?  What if you make none.  What if you come here, and go…and when you go – that’s all.

I would scream, but I’ve no energy as I’m vanished.   I will be back… this is just today.

My answer?  It’s funny how life works.  I wrote this and not five minutes later, Sue Dreamwalker came to me… and through her, I found this gem!  Thank you Sue. 🙂

And you see? Another miracle… all in one day. How lucky am I? This is a beautiful world.  Thank you Ravy, and thank you – to the men that made this video.

I am not vanished.  I am found and I’m in love with life, and the people in it.   It didn’t even take a whole day..ask.. all you have to do is put it out there, ask it.


Sometimes Life is Just Like That.

Some days, some times…. just like that.

Choices, decisions… sometimes too many.  Like chocolate bars or potato chips in a store.  Used to be so simple.  Now it’s a ten minute ordeal to choose one.  Like choices – you get older and they get tougher.

You know what’s right…. and you know what’s wrong.  Your head says one thing, your heart another.

To make a choice…so final – no take backs.  Not in this game.  Can’t undo, unsay, unbe a choice.  Not like in hopscotch, or tag, or hide and go seek…. You have to be sure… because the topics are more serious…although… as a kid we thought the choices we had to make were pretty serious, too.

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