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Tripody Happiness!

My friend got me two tripods!

Now, if the moon ever eclipses again, I’m ready. lol

Seriously, I love it.  He gave me a big one and a small one!  The big one has two levels on it and a compass!!  Imagine that! lol

So thrilled!!  I keep thinking about going out just to get pix now. lol  It’s bad enough I go nowhere without my camera, now it’s going to be my camera AND tripod…groan. lol Well worth it, says I. 😀

It gets much taller than this – but to save space I have it shorter for now. 🙂

A whole family of tripody happiness!!!  lol

Are you late?

I’ve come to a place in my life…it’s called content.

I’m happy with things… I’m ok with what comes next, if anything.  I’m happy with status quo.  I’m ok.  Whatever comes, I will handle, whatever is gone…I can enjoy the memory.  I’m starting to get that spark back in my soul.  I’m being creative and loving my days.  I actually applied for a job I think I’ll love… and that’s been a long time – aside from painting and photography…. but they aren’t full time, predictable money creating jobs.  And I’m ok if it doesn’t happen.  I’m quite simply ok.  I’m happy in my soul.

I’m calm.  Everything in my life has taught me something.  Everything and everyone – they’ve all mattered.  But as in birth and death we are all alone…. it’s not the same as being lonely.  I’m not lonely.  I’m strong, independent and really quite pleased.  So many things make me smile…simple, down to earth things.

I woke up today to a thunderstorm.  I love that.  I woke up late because of it.  I sleep well with storms.  And there was no reason to be upset that I was late, because I wasn’t late for anything.   I’m enjoying every minute.

Hello life…. I’m here.

So Happy!

I thought I’d lost tons of info…but I found it elsewhere!  Yay to hoarding stuff!  lol

I am in the process of moving old MSN sites to wordpress and this means I had to go to Multiply first.  When MSN shut down it shuffled all content to Multiply.  Now, when you look at a post on Multiply – you see the top page only – and you have to click on it to get to the other posts…not necessarily just replies, but entire pages!… so I was copying the first page and deleting, not realizing that there were – I don’t know how many – pages lost with it!!

Luckily I love to back stuff up and I had made copies of the pages on a previous occasion on my hard drive….. yay!  I thought I had lost all the member’s poetry from S and S…. but now I have it!  And I’ve been busy, posted 72 bits already today…..

Morning Sounds! – And More?

Ha ha…. sitting here quiet as can be… having my coffee, blog surfing (or trolling lol) and then the train down the road starts toot, tooting in a far off muffled way,  and a gaggle of geese fly overhead.  lol  Honking happily away.  NOW I feel like spring is here!!  I’d have taken pix to add to this, but they were over the building and not where I could see them.  lol

Ah yes…. getting up too early is the best – since I cannot be up all night any more as is my wish… then being up too early has to do.  I love being up before the world around me starts to hustle and bustle.  All in a big hurry to get nowhere fast…. morning is slow, relaxed, calm.  Contemplation, private laughs, hot coffee – no phone calls or texts – and my room mate snoring in the living room.  LOL  But that’s ok.  Better than in the bedroom where I sleep!!!  lol

So today I get to go downtown and hear a speaker on lgbttiqq2 rights at Ryerson, put on by Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA).  An anti poverty action conference…  Susan who runs the volunteer thing I do has offered me half her day with a ticket she got!  I’m looking forward to it!

And the bonus?  I get to go where there are good opportunities for taking photogs. 🙂  Yay to that!

Ok, coffee number two?  Oh yes…. 🙂

Have a most wonderful day, please!

Downtown Buildings

Downtown Buildings

Same place

Same place

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