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Ha – well… that ends THAT.

Some things take too long to be over with…. some things should never have started.

Good riddance, I say.  Pffft.

Mmmph Good Morning…

Yes, I know it’s noon thirty but it’s always morning in my world.

I don’t get it – on facebook…. when your friends number goes up and down… people go away then come back then go away, then come back… do they just delete their account for one night?  It’s different people all the time,  too.  Or is it a facebook glitch?  And how do folks I know – know another person I don’t… when they don’t even know each other…how did they meet?  And how come sometimes a bunch of people I know know someone I do..and I never knew they knew each other…so much to ponder.  lol  Six degrees???  The longer I’m on fb, the more this happens… I see someone knows a few folks I do… but how did they meet?  How do they know each other?  lol  The net sure makes the world much smaller.

I need more coffee!

Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter

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