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S and S’ers.

I don’t need to explain to you who you are – or what S and S’ers means. lol

It’s ours… and those of us that are, just are.

We all know.  I just wanted to say that I love you guys so much.  I really do.  Everyone from that time and space is in my heart and the more of us we gather together the stronger I feel.  You are all such wonderful souls and so good.  I’m so lucky to have met you all and to have been a part of your lives.  With the closing of S and S we all lost touch for a while, but we are slowly gathering together again and it feels so incredibly good.  You all touched my soul and my life.  I’ll always have room for you in my heart!

Thank goodness for the internet. 🙂

All my love foreverever and foreverever. 🙂  xoxoxoxoxo

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE –  go to my friends list on fb and find each other…not everyone knows the real names… but some of us do.

Let’s all connect and reunite!  And if anyone knows the whereabouts of the Blue Moose or Avalon, help!

Just Me... to you.

Just Me... to you.


Funny, funny stuff.  Life’s little quirks

I’m very anal about typos.  When I read a book I am SO tempted to underline them when I find them.  I have too much respect for books to actually do it, but I always want to.  It somehow ruins the story for me a little when I find them.  I have also written in to news stations to let them know when their scrolling news has errors.  lol  I’m seeing more and more with automated spell checks.  I suppose it’s because I always read a lot that I see them.  But some of them are funny and worth mention.

Today – someone posted on facebook – << little arrows pointing at their picture and the word Idot.  lol  I think they were trying to say they were an idiot.  I don’t have the heart to point out the typo – but thought it rather funny that they’re calling themselves an idiot AND they spelled it wrong.  lol  Sort of backs up their claim.  lol  I know, that’s mean.  But funny in it’s own little way.

Let me clarify – I don’t think that person is an idiot – and I don’t like to see people put themselves down.  It just seems appropriate to call yourself an idiot and spell it wrong.  It’s like proof. lol

Another one I liked was when someone posted that they were GARDUATING. lol  I mentioned that it certainly wasn’t English.  lol

And as far as that goes… when you type anything now on nearly any site or program – if you spell something wrong it gets a little red line under it.  How can that be missed? lol

Ah well, it’s 10:00 and I’m bored already – things to do that I don’t want to do.  Off I go. 🙂

Photo Fun

My brother (Kelly) took a picture of me that my friend (Soda) took…and he *fixed* it. lol

Fixed me but good. lol  Smeared me with rainbows…which is just what I like!

Here is the original!

And here is the rainbow….

Photo creds to Soda, Rainbows to Kelly K!  🙂  Love to both.  ❤  Very artistic.  Both pix. 🙂

This one below is a pic Kelly did for me when I was younger.  lol

This was – in the background my age of majority card. You young’ens wouldn’t know what that is. lol But you used to have to apply for an age of majority card to get into liquor stores and bars. It was real ID…. they don’t do that now. In the foreground was me coming down some stairs at my old place… I thought I was going to a movie – but it was a surprise wedding shower. 🙂

Wonderful Conversations

It’s so funny – the world is huge, but the net makes it so small.

I’ve met some of the best people I’ve ever known on the net.

I mean, there was the original S and S, and so forth… and some of the closest people to my heart I know are from there.  Then there is blogging.  I’m getting very attached to some folks off that…. and now facebook.

I’ve had the best chat tonight with a new friend.  It’s so wonderful to meet folks that you feel comfortable with. 🙂  Life is great. 🙂

Doing the Alphabet!

Went to Kaela’s baseball game last night and they whooooped!  The final score was something like 30 odd to ten.  Whoosh.

But… Saash was hanging out with their friend’s niece.  What a little sweetheart!  They did some singing, and collected sticks (they were really snakes, and a pumpkin and a stone, shhh).

Wonderful weather, good fun, and lots of laughs!

Saash and the Wee One

Saash and the Wee One

A HUGE Thank You Goes Out To a Most Wonderful Friend!

This is just to say thank you for this morning…you know who you are and what happened.   lol

But thank you – for being you, for being my friend.  For all you are…. Rainbows to you.

Serenity Rainbow Sig 2008 by Kelly Krogman!

Serenity Rainbow Sig 2008 by Kelly Krogman!

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