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I’m Not all that and a Bag of Marbles…

Because I’ve recently lost my marbles.

I guess I got a touch overwhelmed recently… I have so much going on and I’m finding it hard to dredge up energy to maintain all my commitments.

It was ok in the beginning – volunteering for three places – looking after 4 websites and some blogs.

Then I got a part time job and started studying Autocad.  Add to that a new long distance  relationship.  Add to that an impending court battle.  And another couple of websites – and a promise to get articles in to a news letter monthly.  Making DVDs and CDs for friends – and general life – yes, sometimes I eat, shop or shower!… sigh.

Now – when I sit down to do my course I have to shut off everything around me that beeps, buzzes, pokes or bings.  I get texts, and phone calls, and emails, and FB notifications,  MSN messages and a room mate that keeps popping in to say hello – he’s much chattier when drinking wine. lol

So I shut it all down and feel like I’m ignoring people!!!  lol  I get back online four hours later to find 50 messages and such… and voice mails and – well, you get the idea.

The problem is… that I sit down and shut it all off.  Not ten minutes later I find myself logging in…habit!  I stopped offering to help out a lot about two weeks ago, when I could see this all coming.   So for now I’m not completely involved in the volunteer projects.   That erks me.  I enjoyed those.  And I feel like I’ve let those teams down.

So… my friend just wrote a wee blog on people exploding and I believe I’m going to do just that – or an implosion.  Right after I finish lesson three here, and reply to those five notifications on facebook, Tweet some stuff, oh, and get the towel off my hair, make a tea and then answer that text..listen to some voice mail… burn the discs that were asked of me today… erm.. where was I?  Right…back to work… I can explode later. lol


Mass Demonstration Calling for Public Inquiry into G20 Summit

This post was prompted by @dam, my friend. 🙂

(The following is copied from the facebook site)
08 January · 14:00 – 17:00
Location    Queen’s Park

The police and governments of Toronto, Ontario and Canada, have now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they THINK can literally round up hundreds of citizens, gathered together to exercise their Charter rights to protest, for no real, legal or discernible reason – AND THAT WE THE PEOPLE OF TORONTO, ONTARIANS AND CANADIANS WILL SIMPLY STAND IDLY BY.  Suspension of civil liberties. just snatch and grab them off the streets, and throw them in a cage, in many cases without access to legal counsel and in a few cases after being threatened or physically harmed by the police services. The arrested citizen then has to bear the cost of trying to defend themselves. If the police acted illegally where is the accountability? The citizens of this city again have to bear the cost of trying to prove that, and the public pays the damages – not one single person in government or police agencies has been held accountable.  So in fact, the police are totally and utterly unaccountable.  The bureaucrats who made the decision to round up peaceful protesters, or just people walking down the street, are unaccountable. The politicians are also unaccountable, and apparently they have veto power over investigating themselves and apparently don’t even have the guts to conduct any kind of investigation, instead some semblance of an investigation has to be conducted by the Ombudsman. Who the hell is accountable?  So if the police can illegally detain Canadians without any kind of accountability or oversight, how is this in any functional way for the citizen, any different from a police state? Arbitrary arrests and detentions on the basis of secret laws that nobody knew about, with no accountability. That is the very definition of a POLICE STATE. WE THE PEOPLE are still absolutely appalled by what we saw on that weekend and shaken to the core by the hundreds of examples of police brutality that we witnessed and experienced and utterly disgusted by the silence and sheep like acquiescence from the people who are supposed to be representing all of us in Toronto and Ottawa.

Additional Links:

Weaving Spider – Click here

Playlist of illegal arrests – Click here

And it’s begun!

I went yesterday to meet with Fred Hahn from CUPE Ontario as he picked up his food for the next week. Fred is going to take part in the Do The Math Challenge. It’s been a hectic two weeks.. and next week will be busy as well. I’ve been redoing the entire website for the challenge… creating a blog, (this won’t be public until Monday!), attaching all forms of social media, and now? Taking pictures of Challenge Team members and getting them to blog all next week. It’s all very exciting and I’m thrilled to be a part of this!

Fred Hahn Choosing Food!
Fred Hahn Choosing Food!

To get to the church, and foodbank, to see Fred I had to take a bus and then subway… after that another bus, but of course, I forgot to get a transfer – so I had to pay again. lol THEN… I went too far. I took a cab to back up… I could have walked faster, traffic was so busy! But my feet appreciated it. Heh. I got there just in time, and was part of Fred getting his food. When he told the foodbank worker that this food was to last him a week, the worker said *a week? Wow!* lol And yes, that was an appropriate response!

Fred's Food for the Week.

Fred's Food for the Week.

So on Monday, the entire campaign takes off.  We’re going to be posting on Facebook.  We’ve been tweeting and twittering… #pfib to follow us!  I always said I would never learn to use Twitter, ha ha… I got the Twitter 101 course!  lol  It’s not that hard afterall!  Monday is going to be terrific, we have something planned and we’re sending out teasers… I can’t tell the secret so don’t ask!  But keep your eyes open on Monday for an update!  lol 😉


Funny, funny stuff.  Life’s little quirks

I’m very anal about typos.  When I read a book I am SO tempted to underline them when I find them.  I have too much respect for books to actually do it, but I always want to.  It somehow ruins the story for me a little when I find them.  I have also written in to news stations to let them know when their scrolling news has errors.  lol  I’m seeing more and more with automated spell checks.  I suppose it’s because I always read a lot that I see them.  But some of them are funny and worth mention.

Today – someone posted on facebook – << little arrows pointing at their picture and the word Idot.  lol  I think they were trying to say they were an idiot.  I don’t have the heart to point out the typo – but thought it rather funny that they’re calling themselves an idiot AND they spelled it wrong.  lol  Sort of backs up their claim.  lol  I know, that’s mean.  But funny in it’s own little way.

Let me clarify – I don’t think that person is an idiot – and I don’t like to see people put themselves down.  It just seems appropriate to call yourself an idiot and spell it wrong.  It’s like proof. lol

Another one I liked was when someone posted that they were GARDUATING. lol  I mentioned that it certainly wasn’t English.  lol

And as far as that goes… when you type anything now on nearly any site or program – if you spell something wrong it gets a little red line under it.  How can that be missed? lol

Ah well, it’s 10:00 and I’m bored already – things to do that I don’t want to do.  Off I go. 🙂

Smashly has her own FB site!! Tattoos!!!

Click the link below to go and see her FB site….

not only a wonderful woman, but an artist…

she just started this and is totally overrun by people asking her to do artwork on their bodies. 🙂


Mmmph Good Morning…

Yes, I know it’s noon thirty but it’s always morning in my world.

I don’t get it – on facebook…. when your friends number goes up and down… people go away then come back then go away, then come back… do they just delete their account for one night?  It’s different people all the time,  too.  Or is it a facebook glitch?  And how do folks I know – know another person I don’t… when they don’t even know each other…how did they meet?  And how come sometimes a bunch of people I know know someone I do..and I never knew they knew each other…so much to ponder.  lol  Six degrees???  The longer I’m on fb, the more this happens… I see someone knows a few folks I do… but how did they meet?  How do they know each other?  lol  The net sure makes the world much smaller.

I need more coffee!

Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter

Ha ha…

If YouTube, Twitter and Facebook were to merge, it would be known as!

Ha ha…. found this today and couldn’t stop giggling…had to snarf it!!!  🙂

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