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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s for Dwight Duncan Day:  On February 14th at 11:15 in the morning a cherubic delegation delivered almost 300 Valentines to Andrew Chornenky, Press Secretary to Dwight Duncan. We know that over the course of the day Finance Minister Duncan received several hundred more (over 1100) and acknowledged these in a post on Dwight Duncan’s Blog. You will see there are many additional comments on the blog responding to Dwight Duncan. Please add yours! If you click here you can see Susan Bender presenting the Valentines on behalf of the delegation. At the very end you can see Emma Frees point out to Andrew the negative health consequences of poverty.

November 15th – Do the Math at the Barns

Yes, I’m going back a bit, but I’ve fallen behind in posting – so I’m going to get all caught up now… thank you Dreamwalker for the push! lol 🙂

$100.00 Choir

$100.00 Choir

Put Food in the Budget Rally November 15th, 2010 – Opening remarks from Mike Balkwill.

Rally to Put Food in the Budget – Speakers

Rally to Put Food in the Budget – Speakers, Part II

The %100.00 Choir!

Hunger, Poverty at a ‘Crisis Point’

Isabel Teotonio
Staff Reporter

The only way to stop the growing rate of hunger is by increasing wages, investing in income security programs, providing affordable housing and improving access to community food programs, according to a list of recommendations to be released on Monday.

The Recession Relief Coalition is releasing 10 top recommendations that are key to combatting the troubling rise of hunger in the province. They are geared toward policy-makers at all levels of government.

“Hunger and poverty are at a crisis point,” said Dr. Gary Bloch, a family physician with St. Michael’s Hospital and assistant professor with the University of Toronto, who helped draft the recommendations.

“We are facing the highest levels of food bank use and some of the highest rates of social assistance use ever,” said Bloch, noting his practice is largely comprised of people living below the poverty line and struggling for basic survival.

The recommendations were put together by a six-member panel after a full day of evidence at a hunger inquiry in late November. The panel — which also included a retired minister, celebrity chef and a housing advocate — heard from more than 30 front-line workers, social service agency staff, academics community leaders and people directly affected by hunger. The coalition’s full report is expected in January.

After decades of cutbacks to government revenues, through individual and corporate tax cuts, “a small reversal of these cuts” would provide funds for some basic social insurance programs to fight hunger and poverty, Bloch said.

“We are willing to pump ever-increasing dollars into health care, much of it to treat the health problems caused by high levels of poverty, but we seem unwilling to address the root causes of these problems,” he told the Star.

To read more, CLICK HERE!

In response to this article a fellow campaigner wrote to the Toronto Star….Hmmm – food for thought?

Re:  Hunger, poverty at a ‘crisis point’

I am worried about the illusion created by the big crates full of donated food that we all see in the large grocery stores. The illusion is that this is the kind of food people receive when they go to the foodbank. The reality is that this food makes up only a tiny proportion of the food that people actually receive. Most comes from corporate donations. I use food banks. I just opened a frozen package of wieners and decided I could not even feed them to my dog – they were outdated and spoiled. This is a very common experience. I also never receive enough to get me through a week and the food I get is often high sugar, salt etc. Despite the public’s best intentions and generosity, foodbanks cannot solve the problem of chronic hunger and malnutrition. What we need is government policy and funding to address the reasons people need to go to food banks – like the fact that a single person receives a maximum of $592 from social assistance to live on for a month. I hope that all the people who care enough to donate can also see past the illusion of the overflowing crates and not let our governments hide behind charity and foodbanks as a way to address hunger.


November 15th, Rally! Do the Math Challenge

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What’s Next?

The Put Food in the Budget campaign in NOT slowing down.  lol  It’s about to crest again… we’ve so many people taking the challenge that it’s incredible!  Daily, the numbers go up.  In fact, there are seven groups (so far) that are starting their Do the Math Challenge in November!!!  Egads.  I won’t be nearly as busy from here on though…the main bulk of the work is done… website and blogs all set up.  But we’re going to start Tweeting again.. for those of you that Tweet you can follow us with  #pfib.

I’ve made a decision!  When I get paid… I’m getting a decent camera!  I figure… it was a lot of work and I really had to learn a lot to accomplish all that was required of me…so the very least I can do is treat myself to a nice new cam…. I’m getting pretty excited about it!!  I might even start some looking around… I know what I want… Canon Rebel.  lol  But it’s pretty expensive still… maybe. 🙂

For now.. here are some lovely fall colors.  This cam is ok, but it doesn’t do night, distance or close up very well… and it’s limiting.  But it’s served me well! 🙂

And it’s begun!

I went yesterday to meet with Fred Hahn from CUPE Ontario as he picked up his food for the next week. Fred is going to take part in the Do The Math Challenge. It’s been a hectic two weeks.. and next week will be busy as well. I’ve been redoing the entire website for the challenge… creating a blog, (this won’t be public until Monday!), attaching all forms of social media, and now? Taking pictures of Challenge Team members and getting them to blog all next week. It’s all very exciting and I’m thrilled to be a part of this!

Fred Hahn Choosing Food!
Fred Hahn Choosing Food!

To get to the church, and foodbank, to see Fred I had to take a bus and then subway… after that another bus, but of course, I forgot to get a transfer – so I had to pay again. lol THEN… I went too far. I took a cab to back up… I could have walked faster, traffic was so busy! But my feet appreciated it. Heh. I got there just in time, and was part of Fred getting his food. When he told the foodbank worker that this food was to last him a week, the worker said *a week? Wow!* lol And yes, that was an appropriate response!

Fred's Food for the Week.

Fred's Food for the Week.

So on Monday, the entire campaign takes off.  We’re going to be posting on Facebook.  We’ve been tweeting and twittering… #pfib to follow us!  I always said I would never learn to use Twitter, ha ha… I got the Twitter 101 course!  lol  It’s not that hard afterall!  Monday is going to be terrific, we have something planned and we’re sending out teasers… I can’t tell the secret so don’t ask!  But keep your eyes open on Monday for an update!  lol 😉

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