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Ok, so this one is a little late.  I had a wee visit to my daughter’s new place… on Aug 17th and I’m just getting to posting about it now. 🙂

Trying to catch up.  Heh.

Their new place is wonderful!  The backyard is massive and reminds me of a backyard we had in England…it’s much bigger than this one picture, but you get the gist. 🙂

Kaela was busy painting a box for Saash when I got there.  Always doing something artsy!  I love it!!  You can see she is very into it. lol

And this is another art project she just finished… she does a lot of zebra things because Saash loves zebras. 🙂  The two pictures actually go together….

And this is them… in their new home!  Yay!  (I’m not posting pix of their actual apartment – they just moved in and they aren’t settled yet and that would just be mean.  lol )

Hair Cut and Paintings!

Today I trimmed my daughter’s hair for her…

and she gave me a painting.

” If we have no peace, it’s because we’ve forgotten that we belong to each other” Mother Teresa

And DJ also gave me a painting!  His Dragon!  Yay me!!!  🙂

Kaela’s Baseball Game!

So much fun!  They only won by one run, but that’s ok, we had a blast!  lol

Ever notice my baseball pix never really contain any baseball?  lol

Kaela and Saash in Jamie's shirt. lol

Kaela and Saash in Jamie's shirt. lol

This shirt was since given to me.  Apparently I have to wear it as I’m THE cheerleader. lol 🙂

Piggybacking. lol  Love the face!

Piggybacking. lol Love the face!

This was way too cute… I love Saash’s face in this one. lol

Kaela Saash Jamie

Kaela Saash Jamie

Jamie is going to be helping them with baby making material. 🙂  He is very sweet.  🙂  Great choice, I say!

Kaela’s Baseball Game!

Another fantastic game!  We laughed so hard!  lol

And..of course, they won…26-4 or something…. but what a load of fun!

Kaela and Saash… so in love!

Little guy – more interested in the stones than the ball – just like bubble wrap over the gift!

Jamie… lol  Snagged himself a child…. but that was after the little fella won a bet and five bucks!  lol

Kaela’s BB Game!

They tied!  The came back from four behind, so that was pretty great!!  It was so gorgeous out!!

Getting ready!

Getting ready!

Two runs in!

Two runs in!

Feeling Loved

It’s funny… when something ends, but it starts other things.
When one door closes – another opens.
A door did close.  But it seems to have opened many other doors…not in the same way.  But in good ways.
I smiled a smile yesterday that I haven’t felt in my heart for a good while now… and it was a feeling of goodwill and love and hope and peace.  I found myself drifting away from my crossword and the music blasting in my ears and grinning.  It was just a simple feeling of being loved.  And it wasn’t *because* of anyone or anything in particular.  I just felt it.

And on another note – note two…today is my son’s birthday.

My first born.  So happy belly button day to you, my boy… you’re a good hearted, loving, strong opinioned (lol) young man and I’m very proud of you.


And then there’s my daughter – note three.  lol

Her and her girlfriend at a funeral – and both dressed so dashingly!!

It’s sad that it was at a funeral, and I’m truly sorry for your loss Kaela…but you have to admit… very good looking couple!

Kaela and Saash Dressed Up
Kaela and Saash Dressed Up

What a Wonderful Day!

I spent the day with my daughter… and Saaash and met Ingrid. lol

We painted our feet and hands.  lol  Kaela had an idea to paint these body parts and make them art!  I got two new pieces from her…

They are so happy, vibrant and so full of color!!!  I’m pretty darn lucky!

And in the morning I have a job interview.  I’m pretty much terrified of job interviews..and avoid them at all costs.  I will sit still until the time has come and gone and I can’t move until it’s too late….but tomorrow I think I’ll do it different.  I’ll just – in my mind – think I’m going to see Susan who I volunteer with.  I’ll go there and act like it’s her I’m going to see and act like I would with her.

Once I get in I’m always ok……… but ew.  I can’t sell myself.  If you don’t get me from word go…I’m not here to convince you.

So it’s goodnight to me. lol

Our Feet - My Daugher's and Mine - My new painting!

Our Feet - My Daugher's and Mine - My new painting!

My New Painting done by My Daughter!

My New Painting done by My Daughter!

Our Hands...Kaela's New Painting :)

Our Hands...Kaela's New Painting 🙂

Things are getting busy again!

Tomorrow I meet with South Riverdale, the Health and Strength ACTION group…

Then in the afternoon my daughter. 🙂

And Thursday morning I have a job interview and then it’s off to Earth Day…… Thank goodness there’s nothing on my weekend!!

But I’m looking forward to it.  After a couple of days of hanging at home I need the change!  🙂

My S From Kelly Krogman!

My S From Kelly Krogman!

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