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Mmmmmm…curry. :)

I wanted to make curry goat, but chicken will have to do.

It smells divine!   I miss making my curry.  And paneer with spinach (palak paneer)… and warm nan and dal.  AND I miss learning Punjabi.  I’m going to start that again.  I’ve stopped doing some things lately – been distracted.  But that’s going to change.  I’m getting back on track now, I can feel it!!!  Yay!

I learned a new word today.  Not sure what language it is..but it’s very similar to Punjabi.  To say thank you in Punjabi is *shookrea* ( pronounced…don’t ask me how to really spell it lol ) and I learned that the guy who runs my corner store says *shookerran*…. very interesting.  Some languages are very close.  I used to write in Punjabi, but I stopped learning at some point and I miss it.  Tracy, it’s time to come back.


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