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A Painting We Will Go!

So yesterday and the day before I went and helped my friend paint her livingroom.  It was so terrific..we giggled our buns off. lol  The colors were just wonderful!  She had already chosen a color for the main wall.  Sea Fan…it’s sort of a coral color.  Somewhere between orange and peach… very vivid, bright, and happy!  After we did all the prep and the ceiling, and the one wall, we went to Canadian Tire to get the second color.  We had one in mind, but they didn’t have it… so we got one that was close.  Neither of us very happy that they couldn’t supply us with our choice. lol  It was according to my paint book…but they didn’t have that type of paint.  However, when he opened the tin and showed us, we both exclaimed, rather jubilantly – YES!  At the same time. lol  As we were leaving the store a woman says *have fun!*  And again, we both said *we are!* at the same time.  lol  The pictures don’t do the colors justice because of the lack of appropriate lighting. 😦 … they’re very vibrant and a lot of fun.  Of course, my cam was set up on the tripod… and it got paint on it.  Now it’s thoroughly broken in!  I love photography and painting and most of what I own has paint on it. lol

The prep work took us about four hours. lol  We cleaned, filled holes, sanded, washed walls and the floor.  Moved everything about.  But well worth it as the painting was much easier after that!

Angie was a total sweetheart and took over the rolling!  Yay!

This left me the cutting in and trim!  Which I love to do!  This was the beginning – the first color!

This was Angie’s first creation.  LOL  I dipped into it, no sense wasting it!!!

This delightful bit was Angie’s second creation!  LOL  She apparently liked it there. 🙂

The beginning of color number two! 🙂  Yes, I cut in by hand… tape is so misleading, I never use it.  If you don’t have it down quite right, the paint runs under it…. bletch!

Finished!  Shazam!  See how quick that was?  lol  Yes, here it’s quick…. but it was about 12 hours of painting, all told.  Not bad. 🙂

What’s next?  The bedroom, oh yes! lol 🙂

And here’s our spooky picture, just for good measure. lol  I was playing with cam settings!


A Different Kind of Colors!

And here’s the other thing I found. lol  Colors, but in a different way!

Blue Man Group

Ever heard of them?  lol  They are simply wonderful!  They are a group of musicians with blue faces and hands…. and they drum on things.  They use a lot of color and some very interesting objects!  And they have a wicked sense of humor!   Definitely a MUST SEE!!

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