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What’s Next?

The Put Food in the Budget campaign in NOT slowing down.  lol  It’s about to crest again… we’ve so many people taking the challenge that it’s incredible!  Daily, the numbers go up.  In fact, there are seven groups (so far) that are starting their Do the Math Challenge in November!!!  Egads.  I won’t be nearly as busy from here on though…the main bulk of the work is done… website and blogs all set up.  But we’re going to start Tweeting again.. for those of you that Tweet you can follow us with  #pfib.

I’ve made a decision!  When I get paid… I’m getting a decent camera!  I figure… it was a lot of work and I really had to learn a lot to accomplish all that was required of me…so the very least I can do is treat myself to a nice new cam…. I’m getting pretty excited about it!!  I might even start some looking around… I know what I want… Canon Rebel.  lol  But it’s pretty expensive still… maybe. 🙂

For now.. here are some lovely fall colors.  This cam is ok, but it doesn’t do night, distance or close up very well… and it’s limiting.  But it’s served me well! 🙂

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