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New Bulletin Board

We decided that our bulletin board needed an overhaul!

This is Susan – she is the super lady I volunteer for… she runs our group.

This is for HSAG (Health and Strength Action Group)

And my buddy Ron… he makes GREAT food!  🙂

Even Terry came out to play!

We went early, before the volunteer appreciation party to work on it!  Yay!  It’s done! 🙂

Not so pretty as the tree we all did for the TDoR, but still good. lol

Bulletin Board Revisited.

So we are revamping our bulletin board at the community centre.

We moved it from it’s original location and scored a spot!!  by the elevator. lol  This is good because the folks wait there and read the walls while waiting on an elevator.  lol  We didn’t get it finished, but it’s a start!!  🙂

Aimee and our new board.

Aimee and our new board.

Ron and Aimee and our board.

Ron and Aimee and our board.

Our Bulletin Board!

Our Bulletin Board

Our Bulletin Board

This was our display…turned out great!  Good work Aimee!!!

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