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A True Gift

I went shopping and everyone was in a terrific mood!  Scootching out of the way for one another, smiling, chatting, enjoying life.  Contagious!!

On my way up toward the building is a mother pushing her son in a stroller. I look down at his most gorgeous, great, big, brown eyes. He looks at me and then his whole face transforms into this brilliant smile! Of course, this made me smile my whole soul. So the two of us are smiling at each other like weve seen a miracle... and he mouths the word *hi* and grins. lol I nearly burst out laughing, and in fact most likely did, I still feel it bubbling up. I know inside I felt like all was ok with this world. What a most wondrous event. I grinned all the rest of the way home looking, maybe to the rest of the world, like a silly joke was on my lips when in fact I had a pure moment of gold with an innocent, pure, little human. What a gift.

Morning Brilliance

I don't know how, but all these colors just turned out this way!

Morning Brilliance 11-19-2008-07:38 am

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