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I’m so Behind!

Gah… lol  I’m behind!  I haven’t done a real blog in a week…I haven’t really read many.  They are piling up in my in box!!!  LOL  It makes me crazy – normally I’m on top of that stuff.

Oh well…I’ll get there!!!  Probably take a day and do it all…so don’t be surprised if you get slammed with tons of things all at once.  lol

And tonight…too tired from biking 25 kilometers… now THAT was a ride.  My body hates me.   LOL

Love to you all and have a most wonderful night, please!

Painty Fun!

I had the greatest day yesterday, hanging with my daughter and her girl… and of course DJ. 🙂

I was there to help fix their laptop – and I got fed and painted.  Yes, painted. lol  My daughter is so wonderful at painting!!  She arted all over herself, me and some real paintings.  🙂  I had no idea…well, to be fair, neither did she!  lol  But she made me some curry chicken and we laughed.  We had a half hour visit from a Rogers selling fella – we all chatted about his homeland and what it was like to come here…. and here I sit – the next morning… with my leg still painted.  A pair of socks painted… and a brand new painting that my daughter gave me. 🙂  I’m rather happy.

My Daughter's Newest Painting
My Daughter’s Newest Painting
My New Painting - From My Daughter!
My New Painting – From My Daughter!
Me Being Painted by My Daughter. lol
Me Being Painted by My Daughter. lol
My Daughter's Hand...Painted.
My Daughter’s Hand…Painted.
My Daughter's Leg and Toes. lol
My Daughter’s Leg and Toes. lol
Two Paintings on the Left - My Faves
Two Paintings on the Left – My Faves

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