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And it’s begun!

I went yesterday to meet with Fred Hahn from CUPE Ontario as he picked up his food for the next week. Fred is going to take part in the Do The Math Challenge. It’s been a hectic two weeks.. and next week will be busy as well. I’ve been redoing the entire website for the challenge… creating a blog, (this won’t be public until Monday!), attaching all forms of social media, and now? Taking pictures of Challenge Team members and getting them to blog all next week. It’s all very exciting and I’m thrilled to be a part of this!

Fred Hahn Choosing Food!
Fred Hahn Choosing Food!

To get to the church, and foodbank, to see Fred I had to take a bus and then subway… after that another bus, but of course, I forgot to get a transfer – so I had to pay again. lol THEN… I went too far. I took a cab to back up… I could have walked faster, traffic was so busy! But my feet appreciated it. Heh. I got there just in time, and was part of Fred getting his food. When he told the foodbank worker that this food was to last him a week, the worker said *a week? Wow!* lol And yes, that was an appropriate response!

Fred's Food for the Week.

Fred's Food for the Week.

So on Monday, the entire campaign takes off.  We’re going to be posting on Facebook.  We’ve been tweeting and twittering… #pfib to follow us!  I always said I would never learn to use Twitter, ha ha… I got the Twitter 101 course!  lol  It’s not that hard afterall!  Monday is going to be terrific, we have something planned and we’re sending out teasers… I can’t tell the secret so don’t ask!  But keep your eyes open on Monday for an update!  lol 😉

Banishment. lol

Well, I learned my lesson!  And how. lol

lol  I WAS a member of M*dblogz…. (Not allowed to have that here.)  lol

First off.   I was originally asked to remove the link to it by wordpress because of all the spam one gets while using MB.  So I did…. and then after about a week I noticed it was true!  Every comment I ever got on there was spam…. Second?  They have a wee warning… if you delete your blog you CANNOT EVER COME BACK….(Insert scary movie music here – dun dun dun dunnnnn)   Third?  I go there today and there’s an announcement that THEY are going to go through blogs and remove anything THEY deem unimportant / irrelevant?   Really?  lol   Needless to say, I deleted it on the spot – without a second thought.  I don’t care for controlling attitudes.  If it’s my blog, then leave me AND my content be…. it’s like when someone gets on fb and says *I’m going through my contact list, and if you don’t participate, I’ll delete you* – get on with it and PLEASE let me be first!!!  lol    In fact, if I find it first – I’ll do it for you!  How’s that grab you?  lol  Manipulation at it’s finest.  F. O. people – if that’s the only way you can get attention maybe you should just get off the net. lol   So – back from my tangent.  I deleted my account at MB (shudder to think of the consequences.) and they sent me an email – hopefully they’ll see me back in the future?????  Are you kidding me?  lol   Piss off…..quietly, I don’t want to be disturbed any further by you… lol

Rant over.  lol  I’m starting to like this bloggy business. lol

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