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My Son’s Belly Button Day.

Well, we had a great time!  We first went to Long and McQuade’s and did the guitar thing!  He found a terrific wee amp that he can hang off his belt lol… it’s a Marshal Stack.  Hah.  🙂  And to all of our surprise… quite loud. 🙂  I also discovered they have chord posters there..which they said they didn’t have. lol  I went to some fancy schmancy store and ordered one – now I see they have them.  Lordy. 🙂  Then we went for SUSHI!!  And man oh man…was it good!  I haven’t had that in so long!!  I pulled a mother stunt and completely mortified my son by having the people at the restaurant come and sing to him………. mwa ha ha.  🙂

All in all – a great time.   xoxox  Happy 24th Birthday Son!

Happy Dance.  lol
Happy Dance. lol
Calamari - I See YOU
Calamari – I See YOU
Blushing after the singing.
Blushing after the singing.

Feeling Loved

It’s funny… when something ends, but it starts other things.
When one door closes – another opens.
A door did close.  But it seems to have opened many other doors…not in the same way.  But in good ways.
I smiled a smile yesterday that I haven’t felt in my heart for a good while now… and it was a feeling of goodwill and love and hope and peace.  I found myself drifting away from my crossword and the music blasting in my ears and grinning.  It was just a simple feeling of being loved.  And it wasn’t *because* of anyone or anything in particular.  I just felt it.

And on another note – note two…today is my son’s birthday.

My first born.  So happy belly button day to you, my boy… you’re a good hearted, loving, strong opinioned (lol) young man and I’m very proud of you.


And then there’s my daughter – note three.  lol

Her and her girlfriend at a funeral – and both dressed so dashingly!!

It’s sad that it was at a funeral, and I’m truly sorry for your loss Kaela…but you have to admit… very good looking couple!

Kaela and Saash Dressed Up
Kaela and Saash Dressed Up

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