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I’m so Behind!

Gah… lol  I’m behind!  I haven’t done a real blog in a week…I haven’t really read many.  They are piling up in my in box!!!  LOL  It makes me crazy – normally I’m on top of that stuff.

Oh well…I’ll get there!!!  Probably take a day and do it all…so don’t be surprised if you get slammed with tons of things all at once.  lol

And tonight…too tired from biking 25 kilometers… now THAT was a ride.  My body hates me.   LOL

Love to you all and have a most wonderful night, please!


OH yes, my body hates me.

It’s official.


Just over three miles and it would like to protest, thank you very much.  I used to be used to this biking business…and my body used to play along.  Sigh…love getting older. lol  The new diet didn’t help.  Had to bail at the side of the road and gobble down some strawberries and a pickle for fear of collapsing.  lol

But I made it…. yay…..

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