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Serenity  – By Kelly Krogman!


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Serenity Rainbow Sig 2008 by Kelly Krogman!

Serenity  – By Kelly Krogman!

My other blogs:

Sanctuary and Serenity    – A home for survivors.  I started this group in 1989 on MSN sites.  It was a private site and we had a riot filling it.  A lot of us are still friends now.

Wicca, Unicorns, Rainbows, Oh My – A site with Wiccan information.


Comments on: "Serenity Unicorn’s Blog" (5)

  1. Always glad to be an inspiration and Pleased you find my space a tranquil spot to spend a little time on.. Wishing you a Wonderful Weekend.. Dreamwalker

  2. Hi there again.. just dropping in to see what you’ve been up to.. Hope the Spring is uplifting your spirits .. Be well Dreamwalker

    • Hi Dreamwalker!
      Wonderful to see you here! 🙂

      I’ve been terrifically busy and I’ve been updating all the sites I do for other people and mine has been neglected, sadly. 😉
      Maybe I’ll spend some time today and get it updated! Thanks for the inspiration!

      I hope all is well with you!

      I subscribed to your blog so that I could get the posts in emails..and I do have them all saved to have a look over once I get a minute. Ha! I look forward to visiting your blog… it’s so peaceful there!

      Have a most wonderful day, please!

  3. Site Explorer…

    […]finished reading ? don’t forget that the web has many more sites[…]…

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