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Serenity Rainbow Sig 2008 by Kelly Krogman!

Serenity Rainbow Sig 2008 by Kelly Krogman!

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I’m a lot of things.

I’m a woman.  I’m Aquarian.  I’m strong and I’m weak.  I’m a mother.  A Friend.

I’m me…

I love photography, biking, computers, reading, crosswords, friends, laughter, music, guitaring.  I love learning!


I’m many things… you’ll know how I feel, I don’t hide it – either way.  I’m loud, I’m quiet.  See?  I’m like everyone else.

Maybe it’s time for an update here… this last year has brought about many changes.

You can add to the above that I am now an activist. lol  I fight for changes in our system.  I fight for people to be able to eat and for fair treatment of everyone.

Blah blah blah. lol  That’s my new thing.  Most of what I say is just that.  Pfft.

I get tired of hearing me talk lately and I just stop talking.  Ha ha.


Rainbow-Squadron-Serenity-Personal by Kelly Krogman

Rainbow-Squadron-Serenity-Personal by Kelly Krogman


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  1. divine… of real me…
    An enlightened master is one aware of this dimension of eternal happiness while living .
    Children are real enlightened masters ignorant about this fact while playing.
    Ignorance of this is blissfulness… that way……………….serenity……..

  2. Nice Pics Tracy rap @

  3. adorable pictures 😉

    • Yeah, back when I was a *good* girl. lol
      They’re the only two pix I have of me when I was that small… and I love the black and white. 🙂

  4. Mmm..thanks. lol I was little there… if you hadn’t noticed. lol

  5. Jason said:

    Love the pic!

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