According to me…..

Hey there, Mr Premier.  I have a question.

I’m probably going to die very soon – I’m only 46.  It’s your fault.  Do you care?

Do you need me to explain?  I know it’s early.  Get comfortable, grab a coffee.

I’m not lazy, nor do I wish to be on social assistance.  I have part time work (Ontario Works takes half of that income) and do a George Brown course in between that work, in order to get better work.  I also pick up spare jobs where I can.  I volunteer in the community.  I have a biological research diploma and I’m well on my way to having an autocad certificate – with a hundred percent.  So you see, I could be one of the *special* people in your life, but I’m not, am I?

Let me tell you a little story.  A few years back my jaw got broken in a random act of violence, through no doing of my own.  Since then, my teeth don’t fit together quite right, it’s hard to eat.  I’m on social assistance.  I can do nothing about it, because S.A. doesn’t cover dental.  No cleaning, no anything – unless it’s an emergency.  Then they just pull out the offending tooth.  How many times have you or your children been to a dentist, this last year alone?

Right, well.. it’s a well known fact that an infection in your gums can cause heart disease or stroke.  As I sit here writing at 5:20 am, it’s because my whole gum line suddenly became  red, inflamed, angry, bleeding, painful.  In a  mere two days I’ve been reduced to taking odd pills for allergies just so I can sleep – because I have no money to buy pain killers.  Have you ever had a tooth ache, Mr Premier?  Yes well, picture that pain throughout your entire mouth.  I’m not one to moan about every little pain, but this is making me cry.  My glands are swollen, my ears and eyes hurt.  I have a fever.  And can you guess what’s next, given the date?  Yes, that’s right… nothing is open if I had money.   The emergency dental clinics want money – up front.

I could take that money out of my rent, but I already paid it.  After rent I am not left with enough to buy food all month – never mind essentials.  I don’t even have shoes without holes.  Imagine your children going to school with holes in their shoes, Mr McGuinty.  With shoes they have owned for five years because there is no money to replace them.

When I’m dead, Dalton McGuinty – will your life be altered any?  You are a murderer, McGuinty.  Shame on you! I have no idea how you can look yourself in the eye.. never mind having a family that loves you.  You wouldn’t do this to them.  But so long as you can’t see it, I suppose you think it’s not happening.

Do you know… freezing rates – for you – means you ONLY get 208 thousand a year.  I have to live on less than 7000 a year.  Figure it out.  Freezing your rates is a lot different than freezing mine.  It’s akin to committing murder.  I already know of people that have died from this.  Do you care?  Hell no.

I have a great idea!  Why don’t YOU lend me the money.. and I’ll pay you back, I promise!  See below.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For other uses, see Austerity (disambiguation).
For the current opposition to present-day austerity measures, see Anti-austerity protests.

In economicsausterity is a policy of deficit-cutting, lower spending, and a reduction in the amount of benefits and public services provided.[1] Austerity policies are often used by governments to reduce their deficit spending[2] while sometimes coupled with increases in taxes to pay back creditors to reduce debt.[3] “Austerity” was named the word of the year by Merriam-Webster in 2010.[4]

The Expansionary fiscal contraction hypothesis is the economic theory that explores whether government austerity can result in economic expansion. This hypothesis and real world data analysis indicate that expansion from austerity is very limited and occurs only during periods when consumption is not constrained.



Comments on: "I Have a Question for you, McGuinty." (2)

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I live in Victoria, but grew up in Ontario. I’ve been following this whole welfare cut thing (I refuse to call it a freeze. Factoring in inflation, a freeze is really a cut). It’s a human rights violation. I’m sorry this is happening to you.

    • Hi Chris!

      You’re right. With the cuts from Harris in 95 – 22% – which were never reinstated…. then the so called raises to rates since then (a whopping 7 of them, 1 and 2%)… it’s a slap in the face. Not a freeze.
      Thanks for replying to my post 🙂
      Luckily – I was able to get to a doc today and will be able to clear up this infection.. but really, my teeth need to be fixed. Cross your fingers I get a third job ha ha 🙂
      Have a great night!

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