According to me…..

New Campaign

We’re embarking on a new campaign.  We did a test run yesterday and wow.. the results were – impressive?

I can’t say what it is we are doing, because that’s top secret.  But the feelings that came of it are overwhelming to me.  I can’t get it out of my head.

We discovered that people have a lot of anger, hiding inside.  And we found a way to bring that out.  It wasn’t a reaction I expected and it was unnerving.

But.. the worst part is knowing that so many people live with this inside them every day.  People are angry.  The government controls and rules while living the good life.

People struggle every day to make ends meet.. or just to eat.  And someone else is controlling that.  Taking away dignity and health.  And people are very angry.  They have every right to be.

But how sad.. as a society, that we all have that underneath.

Intimidation.  We also discovered how intimidated people are by government people.. people in power.  What a horrible world.  I’m saddened by that.  Beyond words.


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