According to me…..

Yesterday we gathered with Fair Fare Coalition and had a rally and march.

Our asks are:

Free transportation on smog alert days and hot / cold weather alert days.

Lowered metropass rates.

Lowered rates for places like South Riverdale Community Health Centre that buy tokens in bulk

so that people can access important services in the city.

Eventually – free transportation for all!  No fare is fare!

We met at Dundas Square and had drummers to march with.

Five of us dressed up as a streetcar…

(That’s me, second. lol  Later I was in the!)

It was a huge success!

We then boarded three streetcars and refused to pay… we got people to read our postcards and sign them!

All in all over 250 cards were signed today!

After this we all marched to City Hall, with drummers and chants… and five of us dressed as a streetcar.

Everyone felt that it was a terrific day and we look forward to our next action!

Here’s hoping you can join us, and terrific job to those of us that were there!


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