According to me…..

Because I’ve recently lost my marbles.

I guess I got a touch overwhelmed recently… I have so much going on and I’m finding it hard to dredge up energy to maintain all my commitments.

It was ok in the beginning – volunteering for three places – looking after 4 websites and some blogs.

Then I got a part time job and started studying Autocad.  Add to that a new long distance  relationship.  Add to that an impending court battle.  And another couple of websites – and a promise to get articles in to a news letter monthly.  Making DVDs and CDs for friends – and general life – yes, sometimes I eat, shop or shower!… sigh.

Now – when I sit down to do my course I have to shut off everything around me that beeps, buzzes, pokes or bings.  I get texts, and phone calls, and emails, and FB notifications,  MSN messages and a room mate that keeps popping in to say hello – he’s much chattier when drinking wine. lol

So I shut it all down and feel like I’m ignoring people!!!  lol  I get back online four hours later to find 50 messages and such… and voice mails and – well, you get the idea.

The problem is… that I sit down and shut it all off.  Not ten minutes later I find myself logging in…habit!  I stopped offering to help out a lot about two weeks ago, when I could see this all coming.   So for now I’m not completely involved in the volunteer projects.   That erks me.  I enjoyed those.  And I feel like I’ve let those teams down.

So… my friend just wrote a wee blog on people exploding and I believe I’m going to do just that – or an implosion.  Right after I finish lesson three here, and reply to those five notifications on facebook, Tweet some stuff, oh, and get the towel off my hair, make a tea and then answer that text..listen to some voice mail… burn the discs that were asked of me today… erm.. where was I?  Right…back to work… I can explode later. lol


Comments on: "I’m Not all that and a Bag of Marbles…" (6)

  1. When you have gathered up all your Marbles.. LOL! and when you have a spare minute Next Year by the sounds of things :-).. Just dropping in to say Hi.. and yes I know the feeling… Good job I dont sleep much.. or I wouldnt be here either.. .. Ive been meaning to come by ever since I opened this post via my phone.. which was when? yes.. see there are more of us out there with Marbles in our heads too.. LOL
    But just letting you know Im sending you a thought and a wave of support in all your undertakings.. which I know are not easy…
    Well done with all your volunteering work…
    And Good Luck with all your course work too..
    Ok.. I forgot one last marble… gathering it up and Im gone.. LOl…
    Bye And sending you an energy wave.. Dreamwalker 🙂

    • Ha ha…hello Sue!! 🙂 Yes, sometimes I say it’s good I can’t sleep at night… so I can get everything done! lol

      I’ve cut back tremendously on activities..and I’m getting all sorts of emails from the…just checking in! lol 🙂 I miss the groups and volunteering, but I was going a little nuts and getting really run down. I’m feeling exhausted right now, but assuming that will change now that the load has let up.

      Thanks for all your support and the positivity and the hello! lol I really do appreciate it! 🙂

      I think I better share your energy wave with you! 😉 sounds like you are just as busy darlin! xoxo

      Have a marvelous day! Keep on writing.. I sometimes get the time to read, but not reply or comment – and for that I’m sorry – but I do read and love your posts. 😀


      • Hi Sernity… You really need to find some of your Name’s sake LOL.. but your system went through a bit of a shock recently dont forget .. And so it will deplete your own energy..
        Plus the Planets too are having their affect upon all our energy systems.. even me.. Ive been drained and not done much to feel drained..

        Im just pleased you read.. thats all that matters.. and just drop a comment when you have the time..

        Time is accelerating at the moment and this isnt an illusion and we are speeding up.. but that maybe for another Blog post Lol…
        Enjoy your evening and find some ME time…. and just breath in the peace of the silence for a time.. its amazing how regenerated I feel after just doing that for 5 mins.. and if that doesn’t work.. take 5 mins in a ‘Power Nap’..
        Take Care…. Dreamwalker 🙂

        • Sue… I was just at your site and found that most powerful video you have posted!
          Phenomenal timing and once again, thank you!!

          I will do that. I’ll take time for me. I feel a little lost in what everyone else wants and I know I have things I need to do for my inner being.

          Reminders…sometimes we need reminders, to remove the veil.

          xox Have a terrific night!

  2. Now see THAT, I could go for! Let’s just both be all that and a bag of skittles. lol 🙂 xoxoxoxo
    Love you hun!

  3. i so feel like i’m not all that and a bag of marbles……definitely lately…… please,…don’t think you are bot….cuz you are all that and a bag of skittles!! LOL…love you!

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