According to me…..

We can afford to support war efforts and we can cut taxes for the large corporations, but we cannot take care of our children, our elderly – our hungry – right here in Toronto.


In this rally people were together in solidarity.  It was one of the biggest rallies I have attended and it was amazing to see all the different people come together.  There were the young and the old, side by side.  The union workers and the recipients of social assistance – shoulder to shoulder.  There was an overwhelming feeling of working together for what is right.


We, the people, are not for sale, Mr. Ford – neither are our services, nor our city. 


You say cut back, we say fight back!



Comments on: "April 9th – Rally Against Ford" (2)

  1. Its the same here too… We can afford to give foreign aid to countries such as China and Russia, and now we are giving X amount of millions to Pakistan to help educate their children.. And yet here the elderly and vulnerable are having their services cut. Schools, libraries, Leisure centres, Day Care Centres, Care packages..Meals on Wheels for the elderly many things.. Even now they are considering not to replace Dr and Nurses who have retired.. so putting more strain upon an already over stretched service. … I too recently became a statistic of Government cut-backs as my own job was Cut.. You will see that this is only the beginning of people who will come together and say ‘Enough is Enough’… For we have to unite for change.. not only in the politics of this world, But in the caring of our Planet..

    • Hello! I don’t know where you get the time hun!! lol You are posting all the time on your site and you visit other people! 🙂

      I think we richer countries have enough to ensure that no one goes hungry. The gov likes us to think we have to make choices between this or that…but we don’t.
      The large companies are getting tax cuts. What a joke..they don’t pay them anyway… … make them pay taxes… and use that.
      It’s very simple really – so long as you aren’t one of those rich folks grabbing onto your cash like you can take it with you. lol
      Have a marvelous day!

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