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Today there was a rally.  It was like most of the rallies.  We had food, banners and a drummer, high spirits and unknown destinations, as usual. lol  There were a lot of the usual faces, but some new – seemed to me that there were more elderly folks there this time.  There was a lot of press and police, horses included.  It wasn’t the biggest rally I’ve been to, but it had something the other rallies didn’t have.

It had children!  City View Alternative school brought students.  They are doing research and a project on where the money goes.  The rich versus the poor.  They made a banner that read Hey McGuinty, we get it, why can’t you?  From the mouths of babes. 🙂  They did a small skit using chairs.  Each chair represented 10% of the money, and they had one child in each.  They made one fellow a king and through cuts and such – they slowly moved the rest of the children all down to one end chair, sitting one on top of the other.  This was to show that all those children represented all the people who have 10% of the money in society, and the King had the remaining parts.   I think that’s what they did.  It was hard to tell with streetcars passing us and being on the opposite side of the road.  Each time a streetcar passed and blocked our view, the crowd got upset.  We were all watching the children.  How can they, the government, ignore that?

The real difference was the children in this rally.  People were watching them, cheering them.  Moods were lifted to see them.  It sent a strong message.  These are your future voters, they are the ones learning about what you are doing.  They will run this country.  They were there to be heard.  They understand that the math does not add up, why can’t the government?  It’s common sense – and the kids, they get it.

We started at Nathan Phillip’s Square and crossed the street to chant and protest as we were told Dwight Duncan was in that building.   We then marched up University and over to Wellesley and Bay.  For the most part, it didn’t feel as though we made any progress or changed the world, and my feet hurt.   It felt like we did the same thing we always do… with the same results – and we all know what Einstein said about that.  Definition of insanity.  I think there needs to be some creativity.


Comments on: "OCAP Rally – Raise the Rates" (2)

  1. yes Serenity, The Rich get richer and so on… Here in the UK people now starting to Question.. We are having to face huge Cut-Backs in government spending which local governments have passed down to us. But the things they are cutting are affecting the vulnerable.. and public services..
    My own job finished on 31st March directly due to the cutbacks.. and thats because they say our devision is too expensive to run.. We support Adults with learning Difficulties.. So in Oct it will cease to exist… and what happen to the vulnerable??.. Well they get moved from their own supported care to residential care…. after 8 yrs of learning how to live independant lives… they pull the plug…
    The elderly pensioners here too who have paid into the system all their working lives are having to make ends meet to survive the huge Heating Bills and Cost of Living….

    So WELL DONE YOU! and your friends for standing up and holding your banners High…. I hope some one somewhere listens.. Because if they dont soon many more will take to the streets in protests and it will not be in peacefulness…. And that seems to be what some of Our own governments do not understand..
    The shift!… is not only happening around foreign shores..
    LLP Dreamwalker

    • Hi Dreamwalker!

      Yes, same here. They are cutting transportation – people can’t get to services they need to access, and community centres, libraries..all the *cheap* entertainment and community involvement that folks rely on.
      Now they are cutting affordable / subsidized housing.
      A single person here gets 592 a month to survive and an apartment costs 600 and up… so you aren’t left with food for money. It’s a crime…
      We have another rally on Saturday… we aren’t going away. lol Thanks for the support hun. I’m sorry to hear about your job and the loss to the people you helped… shame on the governments.
      We know the money is there! They are busy helping out huge corporations with tax cuts and bail outs.. but nothing for their people.
      Have a great day! 🙂 As always, wonderful to see you dropped in! I’m still trying to find time to do anything… I volunteer for three groups, manage three / four websites and work and I’m taking a school course. lol 😉
      Serenity / Tracy.

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