According to me…..

I was following a blog.. a photographer’s blog.

Some of the pictures were /are just phenomenal.  I was so totally impressed.

UNTIL…… drum roll please.

He claims to have taken this picture a couple of weeks ago, February 18th…. but I used it as my profile picture back in November.

And there is a Facebook site, with this as their profile picture, since November.

Unless of course, this is his Facebook page.. but as I said, it’s been there since November, and the one on the website says he just took it.

Click here for the Facebook page.


Now I have to wonder if ANY of his pictures…are his.  Sigh… too bad.

And he says at the end *Truth Hurts*????? Really?

I wasn’t going to add the link to the post, but I added a comment which the photographer decided to not post…so here ya go.

Cherokee By Design



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