According to me…..

I live in Toronto, Ontario, once called Scarborough…the mid-northern end of Toronto.

I was living down in the southeast end of Toronto for approximately 7 years.  Leslie and Queen Street East, to be exact.  I’d never lived in that neighborhood before, never lower than *the Danforth*.   Something has become glaringly clear!  Something that makes you say *hmmm*…. as it were.

Before moving to that area I would get the usual colds going around, occasionally the flu.  Nothing serious, nothing to be concerned over.

I moved down to my new area and suddenly I was coughing.  I was coughing so hard that it got really hard to laugh, talk, breath, control body functions. lol  If you know what I mean!  My chest rattled, and lungs were squeezed shut.  I thought I just had a very bad cold – I’d never experienced something so awful in the world of colds, but what else could it be?  It was so bad that I stopped talking in an effort to stop coughing. I tried to slow my breathing to the point where I could not participate in life.

I started using throat lozenges one after the other, and Advil.  I used Advil because it seemed to suppress the awful, chest rattling cough.  I got to the point of using 30 in less than four days!  Eventually it got to the point that I had pneumonia.  I got it once.  I got it twice.  I got it three times, and then I got it four times in one year, the year I moved away.  I had x-rays on my lungs.  My doctors were worried.  I was running out of choices in the world of antibiotics.  They warned me against getting sick again for fear they would not be able to help me.

As timing would have it, this is about the time I moved – just after my last bout of pneumonia that was so bad I really didn’t expect to live through it. That was a private thought of mine that I didn’t share with anyone. I had friends running all over the neighborhood attempting to find me a natural method of healing.  Visiting the wiser, older pharmacy owners for ancient secrets.  I tried some of them and I’m lucky to have survived them! lol

Since I moved from there, a year and a half ago, how many times have I been sick one might ask?  Had pneumonia?  None…zero, zip.  Yes, I still have to use inhalers… which also started when I lived down there, but I no longer have to sleep sitting up so that I can breath.  I no longer rush to the doctor for emergency help, or cringe and prepare for every set of stairs I must battle to get to a doctor.  Breathing, it turns out, is quite important. lol

There are reports and newspaper articles on this topic.  (see attached) The amount of pollution that is recorded down in that area are due to some old plants that used to be in use.  Metal factories or the like.  It’s supposed to be in the pipes, the soil.  They’ve reportedly removed this, replace the soil, the pipes, and cleared it up.  So they say.  Then why oh why… does my body say it isn’t so?  I’ve never been so ill in my life!  I, at first, attributed it to volunteering in communities where folks had lower incomes, where poverty was rampant, and therefore their immune systems were compromised due to lack of healthy, nutritious foods, and housing.  I thought that maybe I was just in a crowd of people who were constantly sick, coughing, sneezing and I was catching these contagious colds, and flu bugs!  The proof that this is not so is that I still go there.  I still volunteer!  In fact, I volunteer more now and I’m around people that are ailing, constantly.  Still healthier… how is that?  You tell me!



Comments on: "In Sickness or in Health?" (5)

  1. you can never trust any city official nor the government…they are all out for a spot on the next highest rung in the ladder…like a used car salesman, they will say anything to get the people to buy them…so,..”saying” they took care of it and cleaned it up,…that is laughably pathetic….when any one person should know that if they could hire an outside source to check on that,…the findings would surely be apalling….but let that information get out and see how quickly it gets shut down.
    that’s my thought on it 🙂

    • Hello!

      You would certainly think so…but reports are done all the time, and still it remains… it’s just awful!

      🙂 Have a marvelous day love!

  2. It sounds like you had a close call sister, it must have been horrendous, i flippin hate coughing.

    As your know, what they tell us and reality are 2 different things.I wonder what the general health of those inhabitants is like in that area, sounds scandalous to me!

    I’m glad you got the hell outta dodge!!

    You’re a wheeze!

    Respect and Peace!

    • You’re in an exceptionally witty mood today dear @dam! LOL You’re too funny! Just came from T’s site there… lol Cauliflower? Snicker..again. lol

      Yes, I got lucky and got out… phew! I’m still suffering the effects and don’t imagine they’ll go away anytime soon. I’m on some super inhaler morning and night and I carry the emergency one. I used to use the blue one.. the emerg one, occasionally… not anymore! I use it quite frequently still…sigh.

      Imagine if I didn’t just happen to move? I’d never have known and you’d all be saved my rants! LOL

      Have a most wonderful day my friend! Love to you!

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