According to me…..

I can’t get enough of this artist!  I love the vibrant colors… I’d like to live in that world. 🙂

So here it is, more Leonid Afremov!!


Comments on: "Leonid Afremov Revisited!" (10)

  1. yes,…it is called projection in psychology…we project our self views onto others..or our own thoughts or guilts onto others to keep that judging finger pointing away from us.
    my boyfriend is the king of this! i swear!….i tried to talk to him about it once and he denied he did it and said he had no idea what i was talking about….so,…i put up with it.
    anyway,…none of us is perfect…you can’t change others, you can only try to work on yourself…people have to want to change before they will and if they think they are happy with themselves, even if others aren’t, they won’t change. they will keep on. some people don’t see the need to continuously improve…i think it is sad…and frustrating…
    good night/morning guys… and peace to you both!!

    • Hello to you both! I hope this day is being good to you! 🙂

      In Tibetan Beliefs, this is actually one of the big parts of passing on to the next level… moving on when you die. You are visited by many gods / goddesses, spirits… and some of them are negative… or they are projections of the things within yourself that are not wonderful. lol They have a person sit with you.. I think it’s for about 40 days.. if I remember right.. and they lead the spirit from this world to the next, so that the soul doesn’t get caught up in the spirits that would hold them here…
      Something to that effect. 🙂
      So… as you can maybe tell from this, it’s well known that humans do this. It was described to be – as looking at a projector… we see things, traits, in ourselves that we never worked on? in life… and they are scary and try to hold us bound (our spirit) upon the physical passing…

      Have a most marvelous day to you both! And T? I’m about to post that amazing picture you found! Gawd.. I love it!

  2. you guys are great! really!
    And my favorite is of the nude dancer and the city nightline on the water….
    I love the fact it reminds me of when I was little and used to look out the car windows at night through a glitter baton I took with me to my grandmothers to play with. I used to twirl the baton in front of my eyes and let the glitter fall from one side to the other while watching the passing lights of the city on the highway.
    the nude dancer, because it makes me think of my wish for beauty and freedom to be myself without fear of other’s condescending and controling scoffs towards me.
    have a great day, guys!
    Love, T

    • I have to agree with your choices there, Tamara! 🙂
      Remember kaleidoscopes? I always was soooo mesmerized by them!
      People tend to judge others by their looks… it’s an awful thing. It shouldn’t matter one whit what we appear to be on the outside… and besides, anyone who prejudges you and doesn’t get to be part of your world is missing out…their loss. 🙂
      Love to you hun! Have a colorful, love-filled day!

      • About the people judging business, you’re right in what you say, but it took me sometime to get my head in the right place on this. I used to, as an adolescent, remark and joke with friends about what people looked like and made assumptions about them etc. etc.
        I’ve since grown as a person and understand that it’s wrong to do this, but I also think it’s a natural state or affliction that many people have.

        I think it has more to do with how I viewed myself or how people in general views themselves over what they think of others. By remarking on others we in fact seek comfort for ourselves, does that make any sense? A lot of people are insecure and worry about how they look and what perception they give off. Belittling others is an easy way of deflecting attention from themselves, it’s abhorrent, but so true.

        When a person finally sheds any stigma they have of them-self then they can really start to enjoy life, as i believe it was intended. Children have a huge part in this, parenting has taught me many things in life and the greatest lesson of all was that the sun don’t revolve around me!! So I got my head out of my ass and woke up to the joys of life and I’m so glad it happened, as everyday I celebrate the differences between us; it’s the spice of life.

        Respect and Peace!

        • Hello! Yes, absolutely, people that don’t feel good about themselves do put others down in order to feel better about themselves… sad, but true. 🙂
          I think we all do it, growing up… but there comes a time that we realize how shallow this is and we stop. Most of us. 🙂

          Have a wonderful night!

  3. Colour – mood – therapy, I have to agree with you both on that one!! Love the Hendrix although it’s strangely lacking in the purple dept.
    Hope you’re both well, Texas and Toronto ( Tamara and Tracy) love from Adam in Anglia

    Respect and Peace!

    • Ha ha…Texas, Toronto, Anglia…. too funny!
      Good morning dear @dam! 🙂

      Now that you mention it…yes, it is strangely lacking in the purple department! The pic above Jimi has lots though. lol 🙂

      I’d love to have some of these prints on my walls at home… such happiness! 🙂

      As always, wonderful to hear from you @dam!!!! Please take care! 😉 xo

  4. have to put osme of his works up in my new house when i get into it..HAVE TO!…

    maybe try hanging one above my bed in hopes the happy colors will run into my dreams and show through to my waking life.


    • Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Happy and color all over your world?
      This should be in every home….how can anyone be unhappy looking at that? 🙂
      Love from Toronto!!

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