According to me…..

My friend got me two tripods!

Now, if the moon ever eclipses again, I’m ready. lol

Seriously, I love it.  He gave me a big one and a small one!  The big one has two levels on it and a compass!!  Imagine that! lol

So thrilled!!  I keep thinking about going out just to get pix now. lol  It’s bad enough I go nowhere without my camera, now it’s going to be my camera AND tripod…groan. lol Well worth it, says I. 😀

It gets much taller than this – but to save space I have it shorter for now. 🙂

A whole family of tripody happiness!!!  lol


Comments on: "Tripody Happiness!" (3)

  1. LOL, I keep one in my Hummer and one in the house.


    • I’m so loving it! I can’t wait to decide what and where I’m going to use one first. I mean…besides looking out the window here. lol 🙂

    • And now I can completely see why you do!

      Your photography is simply marvelous! I’ve added a link to your site from here.
      What wonderful colors! You have a terrific eye!

      Thanks for visiting and welcome. 🙂

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