According to me…..

Mooning. lol

Oh yes, total lunar eclipse… on a solstice… and a camera!

Whoooo hoo!  Two hours of freezing my buns off and so worth it!





Comments on: "Mooning. lol" (6)

  1. THANK YOU!!! IT IS MUCH NEEDED>>KEEP THEM LIT! and I will light some for you and your kiddos!
    LOVE hearing from you!
    and Happy 2011, dearie!

  2. Great pics & some wonderful blogs here Tracy!!!!! Very impressive 🙂 🙂

    • Well, hello there my dear friend!!! I’m so so thrilled you dropped in! 🙂
      Wow. 😉 I’m sorta kinda really impressed you dropped in. lol 🙂 Thanks for your compliments hun!
      Have a wicked wonderful day!
      Love T.

  3. Oh! I was actually up watching this! It looked just like that!
    And did you see the shooting star? Just off to the right of it. I made a wish, but alas, has not come true.
    Anyway, I want to say I wish you a happy holiday!! I miss talking to you. I lost my inspiration to write there for a while. You know me in love with the man of my dreams, who turns out not to really want me after all….
    Well,… I am going to marry the guy my dad is for… I think I told you of that…in two years….
    Going to go to a baptist university too!
    I think I have just committed suicide.
    Oh, well. It’s a life.
    I hope you are doing wonderful, great even!
    How is your daughter and her girlfriend? Your son?
    I hope all are doing well.
    wirking on trying to be doing good here.
    I had the flu the week before Christmas and have had shingles for three weeks now.
    I don’t wish this on my worst enemy!
    Light a candle and send out some happy healing thoughts for me please.
    I wish I could come for a visit.
    It is much needed
    and would do me a world of good.
    but since I can’t, I will send out lots of good and swet thoughts your way and wish you the happiest holiday, okay?

    • Hello lovely!!! It’s so great to hear from you!
      Wasn’t that moon a sight to see? I was outside two hours getting those shots…so worth it. lol 🙂 Gotta love a decent camera!
      Happy holidays to you as well – I’m not a big fan of them… but other folks are and I try to respect that. lol
      Ugh…. you may want to think over that marriage business. lol It’s not all they make it out to be!!! LOL 😉 Truly I do feel for you.. what a choice to have to make. 😦 If you do it I hope you are happy and he is good to you.
      My kids are doing great… daughter and her girlfriend just got a new car… it’s lovely. 🙂 My son is in University…. we went the other day and got all sorts of great pix of the campus buildings…I shall post some later.
      Now the flu AND shingles??? Goodness! You must have really pissed off some powerful entity in your last life my girl. 🙂 I hear they are very painful… I’m sorry to hear you are going through so much … but it’s got to get better, right? lol So they say…whoever *they* are. 🙂
      I will light you four or five candles dearheart… sounds like you could use some good positive, healing energy sent your way!!
      I’d love to meet… I’m still working on getting my passport. Stranger things have happened. 🙂
      I hope the rest of your holidays are kinder to you. All my love, hugs, healing, and warmth to you. 🙂 xoxoxoxo

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