According to me…..

I volunteer at South Riverdale Community Health Centre and they had a party for US!  The volunteer’s night off!

We had a game of bingo where we went around the room and had to find out who had done what at the centre… a way of getting us to talk to one another, meet new people, and to find out more about what is offered at the centre.  After we filled in the entire sheet, we put our names on them and put them in a box.  These were later pulled out and the person who filled out that sheet got a prize! 😉


There was some Karaoke!  One of the people I volunteer with can sing!  I never knew. lol  You learn something new everyday!

Jungle… he does the face painting at outside events and also runs the bike clinic. 🙂

Drew…my friend who can really sing!  What a great surprise!

There was a poster designed by someone at the centre – we all wrote on sticky notes a statement about what volunteering meant to us and the community and stuck them on the poster.  Later they are going to redo the poster and incorporate these ideas into it!  The lady in the picture is Maria… she’s lovely!

We had some cake… and a couple that has been volunteering for 20 years got to cut the cake.

There was a wee bit of wiggling about – commonly known as dancing!  We can always count on Harold to do some dancing!  🙂


And when we left?  We all got a South Riverdale mug filled with chocolates… how can you go wrong?


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