According to me…..

What a truly fun night!  I don’t know where to start!  …. yes, I know…at the beginning. lol

First… I met Bill King and Stacey Bulmer outside as they got out of their cab.  I knew it had to be them, given that they were carting around music equipment.  lol  See?  I’m sooo observant!  They were fantastic!  What a dynamic team!  Both of them could really sing, and I mean REALLY sing!  Their personalities were absolutely gorgeous!  We began by practicing the song we were to do later, and Stacey’s enthusiasm was so catching that it pretty much set the mood for the night!

Fred Hahn was there, and I just adore that man!  Fred is with CUPE Ontario here and he is just one of the most wonderful, funny, passionate humans I know.  I loved him right off when I first met him – picking up his food for the Do the Math Challenge.  So of course, I asked him to sing with us and he agreed…as I knew he would!  He’s up for any kind of fun!!!

I had to make a speech and I was dead nervous.  I was quite convinced I would just die up there… but it went ok and I think it was in a huge way because of Fred. lol  I got to sit beside him and he had me giggling like crazy.  He also started applauding me half through my speech… and, well, words cannot describe how much I appreciated him!  I got tons of support from friends before going!  lol  I even got some links to websites that offered to hypnotize me so that I wouldn’t have this fear of public speaking!!!  I got sexy pix posted for me, for my distraction… that may not have helped AT the speech, but it sure made me forget about doing it BEFORE the speech. LOL

I’m very lucky to have such wonderful, loving supportive people in my life.  So, speech over… we got to sing all together and that was a riot!  We had about ten of us up there on stage and what a gang. lol  Everyone was being all goofy and that made it much easier to do.

A lot of really great people spoke, and had terrific things to share and ideas.  Archbishop Colin Johnson,  Diana Stapleton – Weston Food Bank, MY Fred Hahn – CUPE,  Avvy Go – Colour of Poverty, and myself… then we had some great music!  Bill King wrote a song with his wife about spousal abuse… really quite something.  Empowering… And we saw a few more speakers… then Bill and Stacey did another song.  They are trying to bring back the feeling that bands used to be like in the 60’s…fighting for what’s right and fair.  Activist songs.  It was really a great tune and they’re getting other musicians in on it… proceeds going to help the cause.

All in all a fantastic night.  I’m proud of myself for doing what I said I would.  I may not have been perfect, but for my first time, I’m pretty impressed.  In school I always told my teachers…just go ahead and give me a zero on that.  I won’t be doing it.   🙂

And really… huge thanks to Susan B… she is an inspiration to me.  I guess she’s become somewhat of a role model for me.  Since I met her I’ve done all sorts of things that I never foresaw.  I’m learning and doing things I’m proud of.  Thank the Goddess I met her!!!  😉


Comments on: "Nov 15 Put Food in the Budget Rally Report Back" (2)

  1. i think that it sounds like you had an amazing time and i am curious about those pics. LOL. Anyway, i performed on Friday. It went way better than i had expected, considering i had only ever rehearsed with the the guitar player and not the floutist or the bass player and they didn’t know the song before that night. afterwards they had teased me about having a song they never would have listened to stuck in their heads from now on…hahahaha…we did a Paramore song,…”Brick by Boring Brick” for entertainment at a college pageant. it was alot of fun and nerve wracking too, but it is my last time to perfom at the college. i am going to a new university to finish my teaching degree. i am sort of sad because i have been at this college for 3 years. but i am ready to move on.
    anyway, i am happy to hear you are sooooo very happy and busy in so many good things.
    Have another great day today! 🙂
    *HUGS* from afar!

    • It’s always so wonderful to hear from you!!!!
      I did have an amazing time… I usually put up a couple of pix..but you know… I’m a little unhappy with my camera.. and that has a lot to do with the fact that I’m getting a new one. LOL I got paid for my web job… and blogging… so I’m going to treat myself to a new cam!! I’m so excited!
      That’s so funny about your performance and it being stuck in their heads… that’s exactly what I was told after we did our song! lol I’ve had to put up with it in my head for months’s only fair, no? lol
      It’s hard to leave when you love where you are. I went back to school at 25 and they kicked me out..said I had to move on to college. LOL And then I went to college and they made me leave too!!! lol I guess you have to move forward love… I’m sure you’ll find things you love as much about your new university!!! It’s very exciting, really! 🙂
      I think you are wonderful.. keep being you and thank you so much for dropping in!! ❤

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