According to me…..

So funny!  Doesn’t he realize that ridulous behaviour DOES result in riducule? lol

At the end they mention the rally at Queen’s Park where we blew bubbles… lol  Bubbles For Peace.  Heh.  I was there!  🙂


By: Staff Writer

Winnipeg Freepress

TORONTO — A Toronto police officer nicknamed “Officer Bubbles” on YouTube over an incident during the G20 summit has launched a $1.2-million defamation suit against the website.

Const. Adam Josephs received the nickname after an online video surfaced of him telling a protester she would be arrested if any of her bubbles touched police officers.

Josephs is not suing over the video. The Globe and Mail reports he is suing over cartoons posted later that he alleges depict a police officer resembling the constable abusing police power.

In some cartoons, the character arrests Santa Claus and U.S. President Barack Obama and punches a news photographer.

Josephs alleges in a statement of claim the cartoons have subjected him to ridicule, and have resulted in threats against himself and his family.

“The reason we brought the lawsuit is that people have the right to protect themselves against this kind of harassment,” his lawyer James Zibarras told the Globe and Mail in a story published on its website.

The statement of claim says Josephs wants YouTube to reveal the identity of the person behind the account “ThePMOCanada” where the cartoons were originally posted.

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Comments on: "‘Officer Bubbles’ Suing for Defamation" (13)

  1. oh, wow, I didn’t mean to sound like I thought that…just looked at it from the real point of view and seriously my dad would laugh…i wasn’t put is too funny.Sorry @dam if you thought I was. but no,…wasn’t lol.

    love to you and thanks!!! I NEED IT!!! Statistical Math is so hard!!

    • Oh Statistics..I remember having to do that… bletch! Well, I’ll send even more luck! 🙂

      And don’t worry. lol I just reread what you wrote and now I see what you mean. lol 🙂 @dam didn’t think that, I did. lol 🙂
      xoxoxoxoxo You’re just too sweet, worrying over that.

      Have a wonderful, stress free, happy kind of day! 🙂

  2. I am sorry,Adam, I do see what you have said and to a point I really do agree that law enforcement can be given a bad rap. However, I still think it is funny. My dad is a retired police officer and even he would probably shake his head and laugh at this.
    and, T, asfor the “things that will keep”,…LOL,…yes, they will.
    And hopefully will go on display in the near future… idk.idk…just mostly hope it seems.
    ANd you are welcome for the love and rainbows. I wish I had a vacation to give you a hug in person. You are so awesome!
    Well, to go to bed, school for me and the kids in the morning and I have a huge math test in Statistics…fun. fun.


    • Sweetie… @dam was joking.. lol Reread it…… it’s just joking lovely! No harm intended!!! xoxox

      • Yes, the tongue was firmly stuck in cheek there sisters – It’s such an unbelievable story and ripe for ridicule…..which on reflection is a little cheap I guess……but still quite enjoyable.

        On the whole, I’ve no real gripe with the Police, what a mess we’d be in without them. They’re really never going to be popular and almost in an impossible position, but unfortunately for the force, stories like this do them no favours.

        I hope my internet sisters are all good and happy.
        Statistics well that’s hard stuff, I heard that 90% of it was a waste of time and the other 15% was probably on average, 9 out of 10 times, insignificant.

        Respect and Peace! (and good luck x)

        • Isn’t it ridiculous? lol Cheap or not…well earned on his behalf! lol
          Hello @dam! 🙂

          I agree… we do need police..I mean, the G20 aside…because that was not the norm here… we do. 🙂

          I love your math….. it’s a little skewed, like me. LOL 🙂

    • And great big luck on your test!!!!

      If I was given a trip… I’d come see you!

  3. Freaking hilarious, T! what a funny story…some people…sigh. well,…i would write more, however I am at school and must go and the man that I am “in love” with is not up to talking to me today…… just like that damn Katy Perry song, ” hot and cold”…just my freaking luck too that I went and bought some personal items for veiwing pleasure and them to be wasted…..just like my luck.
    but back to this post, yeah, that is just too pathetically funny! 😀
    Love to you in bunches of rainbows!

    • Isn’t it the funniest? He’s all up in arms and pouting… but he was the one to start it with the bubble fear! lol

      Sorry to hear about your plans Sweetheart! Aren’t they things that will keep? LOL Without getting into too much detail! lol

      Thank you so much for the love in bunches of rainbows!!! 😉 I need that today! 🙂 And much love to you hun!!! In all sort of big and little bits of rainbows and sunshine!

  4. LOL Thanks @dam! I needed that! lol 🙂

    I’ll have to research it further, it would appear I don’t have all the *facts* right…ahem. lol


  5. 'Officer Bubbles' Suing for Defamation « Serenity Unicorn's Blog…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  6. This is no laughing matter- do you realize how much damage can be done with those dreadful bubbles!

    Police have a difficult job as it is, avoiding responsibility and duty to the public, let alone having to dodge bubbles.

    I understand we have a special unit in the UK that deals with Bubble Crime, also a newly formed charity for those families that have lost love ones through bubble related incidents.

    Another alarming fact is that bubble crime is on the rise with the youth of the world, parents are innocently supplying their children with bottles of, what they believe to be harmless, bubble formula. Unbeknown to them the havoc and damage that can be caused to certain members of the community!!

    I for one hope that the poor officer wins his case and maybe then we can restore some respect for our poor and down trodden guardians of the law.

    Respect and Police……..amen!

  7. 'Officer Bubbles' Suing for Defamation « Serenity Unicorn's Blog…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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