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When is the last time you ran?

I was talking to a friend of mine and I asked this… when is the last time you ran?  I mean, seriously ran?

As kids we run everywhere!  We can’t get anywhere fast enough!  Up the stairs, down, in the house, out… always hearing, don’t run in the house!  Don’t run on the deck!  Walk beside the pool.

Unless you are involved in a sport, or you are a jogger… when is the last time YOU ran?  Not to the store… not for office, but really ran?

I can’t even remember… unless it was a couple of years ago.  I rode my bike out too far, got a flat and dark was coming on.  I realized at that time that your body uses completely different muscles to run than biking or walking!  🙂  I bike… I walk… don’t get me wrong, I’m not a slug… but run?  I don’t even run for buses now..much.

Would I even know how to run?  Gawp!  Would my arms be flailing and legs all akimbo?  lol  Just a thought.  Heh.


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  1. Hi Mate – Nice post and it’s defo true what you’re saying, i was always running about everywhere as a kid. I’d love to run more now but my knee’s are letting me down!
    Just farting about in the garden with my kids hurts, I’ve played football for many years, as well as swimming, running, cycling and a few snowboarding holidays and it would appear that too much activity has worn my joints out!

    Running is over-rated and not that good for you lol, if you have to run try it on a surface that has some give in it.

    Cycling’s very good for you and as for those muscles you don’t often use, I find that just by stretching your muscles (i.e. warm up exercises) are plenty good enough to keep you lithe and sprightly.

    Hope you are well.

    Respect and Peace!

    • G’day!!!!
      It’s funny, getting older isn’t much fun at times. LOL The body just refuses to do what we want…and I know I don’t feel any older…so why won’t it obey? lol

      I’m not taking up running… I think it’s boring and painful. LOL I was just talking and it came to me that running has run off!!!!!
      I’ll try stretching! 🙂 And keep biking and walking. lol

      I hope you and your are all doing well, hun!! Take much care!!

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